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Time marches on....part 1

I think I am way too obsessed with growing old. Not in the "I must stop the aging process way' but more like someday I too will be old and I too will have problems getting out of a car or making my body move the way I would like it. Not to mention the memory issues! I then worry about not living in the 'now' and thinking too far ahead cause there are no guarantees. Then I sort of tell myself to shut up and get on with what I was doing. It's fun times being in this head of mine.

I'm probably also obsessing about it more than usual as I turn 45 in nine days. 45 is close to 50 and thus I start thinking of myself as 50 which is ridiculous! I've also been treating this upcoming birthday as a free-for-all with gifts to myself. I'm justifying it every which way to Sunday (the day I was born by the way). I looked so forward to turning 44 - cause 4 is my favourite number and now that is almost over. 45. Nothing special about that age or number (to me). So I decided I am blowing out 44 in style! I had bought myself 2 new rings a couple weeks ago - online - they came in the mail but I won't wear them til the day gets closer. Then this past week while I was on my solo vacay I came across a ring that called to me while shopping on a windy overcast day and I bought it! A niggling moment of guilt but that passed quickly. The spending train will be coming to an end shortly. We have to get back to paying off our bills - we are paying them off but we want to throw more money at them so we can be out of debt faster (this is mostly our house renovations). Of course the joke of our 3 installment insurance payments is coming up soon. 3 payments which sounds great but then you find out the payments come out in September, December and January. Yah SO nice of them to chop it up like that for us! That always hits us hard as car and house insurance is not cheap. So less spending and more paying bills - yay.

I did have a lovely week off. Last weekend we went to a wedding that we were worried we might not be on time for as we had to leave once Keith got off work. We made it by 1 and the wedding was at 1:30! But then the groom got in a small car accident which set the wedding back by like 45 minutes. He was fine - the car was fine. Good story for the books tho. I got a bit pissy when we decided to kill time between the wedding and reception by going to McD's and my sil made it so my brother couldn't join in the fun - vindictively. Not cool and she will never admit it (she was in the wedding party with her 2 kids so they couldn't join us due to pictures). I commiserated with my brother for a bit before he had to head of to not join in the fun with us. Then at the wedding my other sil found out her 2 sons didn't have a spot to sit as they were not on the list. The boys ended up sitting at our table as my parents gave up their spots and they sat at another table where someone didn't show up. We did have fun tho after the dinner was cleared and we got to request songs and dance. It seemed at one point it was just my clan up on the dance floor getting down!

Well Keith just got home and my laptop battery is almost dead so I'll have to finish this up later! To be continued.....

11:59 a.m. - 2019-09-06


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