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Last weekend of September

Another month is almost gone. Right now I am sitting covered with a blanket while the window is open and bringing in cool air. Fall. For a short time anyway - the next few days are supposed to go back to being quite warm. Dressing in the morning is quite challenging!

I think I can finally say I am feeling better. A tiny bit of a phlegmy cough but that is it. Now I am so wary of germs and everyone around me.

I had another long weekend. I haven't worked for the last 3 Friday's. I could get used to that. I took of Friday as my parents were coming to town and I wanted to get ready for their visit plus I was in desperate need of a massage that I had missed due to being sick. I got my massage and got to relax for most of the day until my parents arrived late afternoon. They came down to visit to see our house since we got our renovations. They both feel bad that they haven't been down in a few years. I try and tell them it's ok as we always go and visit them as everyone lives in the same area but us. I hope they believe me. We went to dinner and then came back here, played some scrabble and then they headed to their hotel. Normally they stay with us but they decided to use a gift card that was given them last year. I got up early the next morning, had breakfast with them at their hotel (I snuck in) and then my mom and I went and did a bit of thrift shopping. My mom needed a new winter coat, boots and hat and found them all! She had great luck. She also needed other things and found them too! Great luck. After we all met up and then headed out to lunch before they left town.

It was a nice visit. Keith and I tried to help them with their cell phone. It is broken and drops calls and does all sort of odd things. They don't want to buy one as they are due for a new one in June of 2020. So we offered my old cell phone but it is not compatible with their carrier. Keith is trying all sorts of things to make it work for them. Hopefully when we see them on Thanksgiving he'll have the solution.

Keith and I have been spending our weekends at home lately. It's quite odd. We are not used to spending time at home. But we need to cut down on spending and as much as we love thrifting we have to stop buying. I'm secretly hoping Keith will get bored enough to start working on the basement again!

I had a very lazy day today. We both did. We only left the house for about an hour to go to get our wrist bands for Oktoberfest.

I made crab dip tonight and didn't measure the lemon going into it, I squirted way too much into it - it doesn't taste right. Lesson learned.

This week is our 14th Wedding anniversary on October 1st. I am taking a half day on Tuesday and Keith and are driving to a nearby town to see a play - Little Shop of Horrors (side note: I just watched that movie in it's entirety for the first time last night and holy cow it's a weird movie! So glad I watched it though so I can follow it when we see it Tuesday evening!). After the play we are staying at a hotel in town. I took Wednesday off as well. I'm looking forward to this outing! We also start the week off right by going to our chiropractor tomorrow.

I need to get back in the habit of writing. I feel I've said this before! I bought an adjustable lap top tray online in August and got an email a couple days ago asking how I liked it and to leave a review. I emailed them back promptly advising that I actually haven't received the item and questioning where it is. I don't have much confidence in this company as I forwarded a copy of their original email and the title of the email is my order number. What do you think is the one and only question they asked me? Yah for my order number. Face palm. Yah I may never see this item. I can only hope to be reimbursed!

Okay time to get ready for bed. Wish me luck in going to bed in a timely manner. Sunday nights are not my friend.

9:32 p.m. - 2019-09-29


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