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Is it always bedtime?

Well I got ready for bed after my entry last night and even got in bed at a decent time then next thing I know I was out of bed, lights on looking for a birthday card I had received from my parents. It had a $50 bill in it. I have been 'cleaning' so much lately that I had misplaced the cards I was given. I didn't find it and finally had to force myself to GO TO BED. I'll never learn.

It was a crappy Monday as per usual. I've never got along with Monday's. It was an okay day despite that. Well except for the text messages my siblings and I exchanged regarding Christmas. Always drama surrounding the exchange of gifts. Every. Single. Year. I'm done this year. They want to drop any and all gifts then fine. Done. Fini.

I heard from the laptop tray people. Apparently the item has been shipped but the tracking isn't updated due to their extreme busyness. Fine. I just want my item. So the waiting continues.

I just won my the item I bid on in my neighbour's charity auction! I bid on a night out for 4 people on a ghost walk with a $50 gift certificate for a restaurant - in the town S lives in. Can you tell who I am hoping to invite?

I am in the midst of planning a few different outings. Or trying to. On the 26th of next month I have a luncheon planned with my ex-belly dance girls. Side note: I may start belly dancing again! My ex teacher has decided to teach again after years of walking away from the dance. It's gonna be a 30 minute drive so we'll see if I join. I hope the timing works out. If it's too early I know I won't be able to make it. Anywho we are planning a lunch - 4 of us. One of the girls just asked if she could bring a friend - that none of us know. I must admit I'm a bit put out with this request. The 4 of us only see each other maybe once a year and she wants to bring a stranger? Weird. But it also leaves me the lack of guilt if I decide to cut out early. I was trying to arrange a get together for my sil's birthday that weekend - that evening actually. Dinner and an escape room. Not sure it will happen as so far I haven't been able to confirm all 6 of us are free (my 2 brother's and their spouses). AND if they are not free and the night doesn't happen then I will most likely be babysitting for T. She finally decided to ask me to babysit so her and her husband can go to a halloween party. Last year I babysat and missed out on a party with S and our friends. I did email S a week or so ago just to check if there were any parties planned and she advised she is working that night til 10:30 and not sure of a party. So I'm taking that as a no. So everything is up in the air at the moment! We all know how much I love being in limbo!

But tomorrow I will not be in limbo! I have a half day at work then Keith and I will have lunch and make our way leisurely to the town we are seeing the play in. I hope we can check into our suite early because it looks like a great big suite with a huge tub! It's a swanky hotel so I am looking forward to staying here. It's not somewhere we would ever stay as this town is so close there is no point in staying overnight - unless it's your anniversary! I also booked us dinner reservations before the play. Yup - no limbo! The only unknown is the weather. It is supposed to be wicked hot if the weather network is correct.

I am so glad we had our chiro appointment today. My left side was quite sore. Turns out when I was cleaning my windows on the weekend I tweaked my back reaching to the top and twisting in awkward positions. My chiropractor is very smart she figured out how I had hurt it . Smart lady.

Alright I do indeed have to wrap this up and call it a night. I want to get up a bit early tomorrow morning to wrap Keith's gift and do a few things before work. It's always easier to get out of bed when you know you are leaving work early. Truth.

Oh and just in case you were wondering I did find the b-day card tonight! The money was still there - woo!

9:02 p.m. - 2019-09-30


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