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It's never too soon to start feeling thankful

A Saturday update what a thrilling night I must be having! Keith went to bed an hour ago. I'm watching my Murdock Mysteries. Season 9 I'm on. Yesterday I coughed all day long. A dry weird tickle cough I actually thought I was getting sick again. I slept for almost 9 hours last night and today feel great. I sure hope it was just a one-off and the almost cold stays away.

So we had a lovely 14th wedding anniversary. I left work at noon as planned on Tuesday and came home and we exchanged gifts (just little things). We then left and made a day of being together. We eventually checked into our swanky hotel - let me just say how odd it was that this hotel was packed on a Tuesday and all with blue hairs. It wasn't a cheap hotel either. I took a dip in the pool before we got ready and left for dinner and our play. It was raining cats and dogs and the crazy extreme heat of the day finally started to lift. Dinner was at a restaurant I had always wanted to try - too bad I tried food that didn't agree with me. Yah I could have done without suffering tummy issues before the play! Thankfully everything cleared up and I was able to sit and enjoy the play. We sat in the front row - which was definitely too close. I could see the spittle leave the singers' mouths. We decided that the best place to sit in that theatre - Avon - would be the front row balcony. It's a rather small venue. There was a ledge in front of us in which we were warned several times not to put anything on. We figured it was because they were worried stuff would fall into the ochestra pit. Turns out it was also because the lead singer sits on the stage at one point with his feet on the ledge. That spot also happened to be in front of me. It was pretty cool but mostly I was thankful I hadn't put my clutch on the ledge like I was temped as my phone would have been crushed!

Wednesday we checked out and then had breakfast in the hotel before hitting the road making a few last stops on the way home. A few hours later after we had dinner I was making the drive back to the same city!

I went belly dancing! My ex teacher decided to start teaching again. It was chaotic and I'm pretty sure she didn't have a plan for that night. In the old days we did a lot of drills but this time we warmed up a bit and immediately started to learn a new dance! I haven't danced in over 8 years! It was still fun tho and I hope to continue on.

But I was sore. Quite sore the next day. My stomach and back muscles were killing me. Then I went swimming that night! Friday I was one big body ache. T and I decided to swim laps rather than the aqua class. Everything hurt! I guess it makes one feel alive!

Last night Keith and I spent a few hours with our neighbours. We were exchanging monies. Auction items for oktoberfest tickets. It was a fun couple hours just sitting and chatting and of course having a couple drinks.

It is back to the drawing board trying to plan a date to get together for our ex belly dance group. Oh the headaches.

We just had to switch up our thanksgiving plans for next weekend. We're going down Saturday staying the night in a hotel near my parents - originally we were supposed to stay in their building but the room got booked. Sunday is the day of the dinner and then we were going to go to my brother's house and spend the night coming home on Monday. But now Keith's family wants to get together and as per usual planning it last minute. I'm not complaining to Keith cause I know he needs to spend time with his family. I guess it's hard on everyone as Keith's mom was the one who made the arrangements for all the get togethers. I know I have to ease up on my old lady crankiness and be more flexible.

Speaking of being more flexible. I started trying to plan an event with my family for my sil's brithday at the end of the month. It's leaving me nothing but frustration. I now feel bad because those plans are up in the air pending my one sil (she LOVES leaving me twisting in the wind). I know most of it is due to her kids' schedules but she also loves dragging it out and making me wait. I feel bad for T cause she asked me to babysit. Yes, I was dragging my feet with her, but I legit can't answer her til I find out from my sil! I figure tomorrow I will push the issue with my sil and hopefully wear her down to get an answer. Good Lord, I suddenly just got so drained thinking about all this!

Enough about that! I need to concentrate on stuff I can control. I need to focus on the positive. Appreciating all that I have in my life. I guess I should start to focus on all that I am thankful for. Fitting time to do so!

10:18 p.m. - 2019-10-05


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