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I should have just washed my hair

I am tired. I wish I had a good reason. I was off work today on my flex. A 4 day weekend. We leave tomorrow morning to head to my family for Thanksgiving - celebrated on Sunday. We celebrate with Keith's family on Monday. We have a lot of little things that need to be done so taking off most of the day probably wasn't the smartest idea. BUT in our defense it wasn't for fun. Keith was asked a favour to deliver some product at 4 different locations that would be a roundtrip of over 4 hours. He said yes cause he's a nice guy (they are throwing him some money for his time) and he asked me along to go for the drive and keep him company. I said yes and the rest as you say is history.

Now we have run out of time and got next to nothing done. Keith managed to make his cheesecake tonight before he went to bed. I no longer have to bake my cookies as we were given some free strawberries so our second dessert will be angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. I then wasted a whole bunch of time driving around tonight trying to buy jeans. Sigh. I saw a pair this morning before I went out with Keith and didn't really think anything of them but then the rest of the day I thought more and more about them and there is a good sale going on so I decided why not? I have a gift card from my birthday! Then I drove to the 2 stores near me and no jeans, so I drove back to the store I was at this morning found the jeans......tried them on......and they looked bad on me. Not horrible but not worth spending my precious money and using my gift card. I'm cheap to begin with (hello thrift stores) but paying full price that doesn't look great on me is not happening. I sadly put them back, left the store and then went to the 2 other stores in the plaza and found zilch. I should mention I've been looking for blue work slacks and a plain black t-shirt that looks good on me - not cheap and shoddy. Nada. Nothing.

My next stop was w-mart where I momentarily lost my mind and tried on a few things - all put back - before grabbing the few groceries we had forgot to pick up earlier and headed home.

Did I mention for most of this day I looked horrible? I am SORE. This was my second week belly dancing on Wednesday and then swimming laps on Thursday. I exercise 2 days a week - lol. Friday I suffer. I decided to give my hair a break since I washed it last night after swimming and didn't wash it this morning. By mid day my hair was lank and stringy looking. It gets so damn greasy! Okay I am going to go and try and accomplish a couple things from my to-do list and then head to bed.

Happy gobble day to any Canadians out there!

9:35 p.m. - 2019-10-11


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