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Sleep is needed

What's that phrase, the road is paved with good intentions? I had a lengthy to do list for tonight and let me just say it has been crumpled up, ripped up and thrown away! I had baking and laundry and packing and gift wrapping. Now I am doing nuh-thing. Nada. I am so flippin' tired. My own fault - mostly. I slept like crap Tuesday night as my husband snored in my face and hogged the bed. Fine. I can recover. But then last night I went to my final belly dance class of this session and afterwards headed over to my friend/teacher's house and we hung out for a couple hours. This led to me getting home very late and going to bed after midnight. This ol' bod can't do those hours 2 nights in a row. I can only laugh cause my co-worker who is within a couple years of my age is happy when she gets 5 hours sleep! And she is a very happy cheerful lady. HOW? How is that possible?

Lack of sleep and a crappy day at work have left me drained. Now I'm texting with both C and T about meeting up tomorrow. It was supposed to be our x-mas meet up and I just realized how early it was and sent them a text saying we are going to have to meet up for dinner in December and I will have a card and a little gift then. Both of them are nattering back at me and neither of them are on the same page and it's just too confusing trying to be the go between. I just can't even right now. These gals I tell ya.

I'm not even sure we will meet up tomorrow cause the weather looks a little iffy and C won't drive in bad or almost bad weather. I on the other hand having been skidding around the city in my non winter tires all week. But the good news is Keith did order them and they are supposed to be in tomorrow and fingers crossed he hopes to get them on the jeep Saturday before we leave for the weekend. We are heading to visit my fam (of course) to celebrate my brother's birthday. Absolutely no idea if there is anything planned and I am not even going to ask. I"m just gonna show up and let things unfold. I gotta learn to chillax.

Hopefully I will be way more coherent next time I post cause my head is too dang fuzzy to put together any more sentences.

I think I am going to call my mom - early - and then head to bed - early. I need sleep!

8:15 p.m. - 2019-11-14


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