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PRO-ject x-mas has begun

Just another quick check-in. I had to let Neeks know that I read her entry and couldn't help but laugh at her review on Canadians. I must admit I have never been out West to Vancouver (you've been there before me!). I live in Ontario so yah far away. But we are polite - too much so if you ask me lol. I personally love people who are outgoing and tell jokes like Dave - they put me at ease cause I tend to be on the shy side until I get to know someone - then you can't shut me up! And we have finally started being able to buy beer and liquor in stores here - it's taken a LONG time but it's a start! And the last thing that made me literally lol was PRO-ject cause yes that's the way I say it! Who knew?! But you definitely did not offend me!

This weekend was thankfully pretty chill. Friday I got up listened to my local radio station give away a trip that I had entered for - they didn't call my name. Then I opened fb and read the amazing message from my friend's wife. She was so eloquent in which she wrote about the passing of her husband. She def made me cry. She had even replied to my message and apologized for not replying sooner and then gave condolences to me because of how long I've known him! She is an amazingly strong woman. After that I went thru the mess of boxes in which we ironically call 'the office' to find the odds and ends I have bought this past year for x-mas for gifts and just decor. I found most of what I was looking for. I even managed to clean up most of the mess I had made by the time Keith made it home. We then took a drive up the highway (something to do with putting km's on the winter tires so he could retorque them). Friday night after Keith went to bed I moved the furniture in the living room so I could place our small x-mas tree in the window this year. I haven't brought up the tree or decorations just wanted to see if the furniture situation would work - it does. Keith was surprised in the morning - I hadn't told him.

Saturday we ran out and did some errands and I also dropped off the shoe boxes I had made up. I miss volunteering for them. I also went and dropped a lot of money for me on new clothes - not thrift! I bought 2 pairs of jeans and a new sweater. All on sale but still. I needed the new jeans but ugh buying new is hard!

Today was a quiet day. Reading, tv and putting up x-mas lights outside as well as our inflatables. It was a nice day to do it.

I'm now gearing up for the next 2 days. Tomorrow evening is the visitation and then Tuesday is the funeral. I plan on leaving work early tomorrow, picking up Keith and then hopefully not sitting in traffic for too long. We both took Tuesday off. The funeral is at 11 and we'll leave by 9 to make sure to get there on time. It's an hour and a half drive but T.O. traffic is a nightmare.

Okay. Time to go and bid on my neighbours auctions for her charity. Not sure yet what I'm gonna bid on. I guess it depends on how much everything goes up in the next hour!

8:36 p.m. - 2019-11-24


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