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Getting old is balls

I'm not in the x-mas spirit. I sure hope it's my upset stomach talking but I doubt it. I feel off this year. I can't bring myself to get in the spirit. I have put up our tree but that's about it. I have a ton of decorations I normally put out but I just can't bring myself to do it. I have a house to clean but again I just ignore it. Poor Keith. Half the time I don't even pull my own weight around here. He does all the grocery shopping, all the cooking and now he is the one who cleans the kitchen the majority of the time. I'm surprised he hasn't said anything. I would have.

I did send out most of my x-mas cards except for one because I don't know what to write. It's to my friend's widow. It's not a regular x-mas card cause I don't want to be callus but I also don't want to not send her one.

I bailed on T tonight. We were supposed to go to her friend's house in a nearby town about half an hour away. Drink, go out clubbing and spend the night. Last weekend we had a girls' night at another friends house. We stayed up til almost 4am and I barely recovered on Sunday enough to go to work Monday. Not hungover just tired. I have never partied with this woman so I don't know how hard she would go and I have to be up and out of my house by 9:30 to go to the movies. It's my work event that I helped plan we are seeing Frozen 2. If I stayed at this woman's I would have to get up at 8 to leave by 8:30. But the reason I gave T, because I know she would rag me to no end with that excuse, is that I have a swollen knee. I played up how bad the knee is but sadly it's the truth. I can't remember if I mentioned my knee here?

About a month ago I tweaked it, got it clicked by my chiro and then immediately went belly dancing on it and tweaked it but good again. Since then I have been limping on and off and dealing with issues such as swelling, pain when kneeling and tenderness. I haven't exercised since it happened. I swim with T but that's it. Last night we swam and my knee had been sore before so I think all the kicking aggravated it. I was icing it this morning and I decided screw it, I took a pic of the icing and sent it to T basically cancelling tonight.

I had a massage and mentioned my knee to him and he did take a look at it. Basically he advised I should see my dr who would probably suggest an xray to see what the issue is. I plan on living with it for the x-mas season and then dealing with it. I am off the week after x-mas so if it's still bothersome then fine I will see my dr if his office is open. I really don't want it to be anything big. Part of me wants to give the gym a try, one of the machines, but another part of me is crazy scared of what might happen to the knee. We'll see.

Tomorrow after the movie Keith and I plan to do some x-mas shopping, we have been majorly procrastinating. We have about 10 kids gifts to buy but about 7 of them are gonna be super easy. I also have to shop for my parents' stockings which is always a challenge. No junk food and no knick knacks. What's left? And don't even get me started on Keith's gifts. He doesn't read this so I can tell you that right now his presents are all t-shirts. Ones with sayings on them but that's all. I'm stumped. I no longer want to buy crap just to buy something. A case of diet coke and sugar free chocolate?

I wish this entry was more cheerful but it is what it is. I'm hoping a good night's sleep will at least lead me to a more cheerful day tomorrow. It would also be nice if I'm not limping for most of the day - let me tell you my lower back and hips were crazy sore when my massage guy was in there.

Also I know part of my funk which is kind of weird because Keith should be the one in the funk, is that it was the anniversary of his mom's death yesterday. His brother posted this heartfelt entry on fb about it. Keith doesn't go on fb so he didn't read it.

Alright I'm gonna wrap this up and get ready for bed. No point in staying home and still not getting enough sleep. Man I feel old.

10:26 p.m. - 2019-12-13


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