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2019 - that's a wrap!

Okay so my Christmas spirit did pick up - thankfully. Keith and I pulled it together. We shopped for like 5 hours and got all of it done. I even pulled together gifts for him. Not very creative but he is hard to buy for. His main gift to me was this machine that squeezes your hand and basically massages it. I saw one at a store we were in and loved it but it was expensive. He went online and found me a much cheaper one I am assuming. I'm sure I will use it more when I go back to work.

Christmas was a blur like it always is. We made it to my dad's church service in really good time. Traffic wasn't horrible. We were about 40 minutes early which turns out was a really good thing. People just began to stream into this super tiny church. There were probably about 150 crammed into this tiny building probably meant for 50. There had been an article in a nearby local town about the service and then I spread it on social media and boom so many people came. My dad was thrilled. Keith and I were lucky enough to get a seat. That evening we stayed at my parents' building. We rented the room in their building for the night. It's an awesome room - just like a hotel room for only $20. That evening Keith went to bed around 8 while I played scrabble with my mom while watching It's a Wonderful Life. The sleep wasn't the best as Keith was having a hard time getting comfortable. His job really does a number on his body so he is sore a lot. He alternated between the bed, the floor and the small loveseat.

Christmas morning we headed to my parents apartment where we opened gifts with them. For a family that no longer exchanges gifts we sure do exchange gifts a lot! We then had breakfast and then it was time to get ready and pack up and leave. Keith and I picked up my uncle on the way. We met at my brother's church and it was pretty chaotic. I had also drove myself crazy as I had brought my mom a phone case but could not remember where I had packed it. I of course found it that night after my mom had left. Anyway the afternoon was good. We had about 23 people - family and friends. We did a while elephant game that turned out pretty decent. It was my 2 sil's that basically set up and did all the work. I did help out but they def did the brunt of it. I made sure to get a family picture of the 5 of us (mom, dad and 2 brothers). I did snap at my dad when he asked about others being in the picture and I had to raise my voice a little and be like dad just get in the picture I only want the 5 of us! Sheesh.

That evening Keith and I stayed with my bro and his fam. All of us were beyond tired but somehow stayed up til after 11. The kids were up to almost that late too. Sleep did happen that night but not as much as I would have liked. Next morning we all went out for a late breakfast except my sil as she had an upset stomach. Keith and I headed home around 2. Traffic was horrible this time, especially around the off ramp for malls. We crawled most of the way home.

Keith had to be back to work for Friday. Saturday was his family x-mas. That morning I got a call from his brother. The not so sane one. The black sheep of the family. He asked if he could get a drive with us. I had honestly only been up for like 10 minutes by this point and said sure and made plans to pick him up. We did pick him up and I found out that nobody really knew he was coming but thankfully they were told he had been invited (by their dad). A fun time was had. We had a great meal and then had a white elephant game - I ended up with the worst gift but ended up giving it to my niece so it worked out. We left around 8. On the drive home it really hit me how messed up his brother is. He would say some really weird stuff that at first you thought was a joke but then realize he was serious. Such as? Well Keith had a message on his phone from early December that was sent to him but he had no name attached. He had no idea who sent it. His brother advised us it was probably Elan Musk. And he was serious. Keith looked around a bit this morning and we figured out it was actually my brother - he had switched numbers when he moved cities but Keith hadn't updated his phone. Anyway it's just sad about his brother. Keith said he also changed his whole speech pattern. I don't know enough about mental health so I can't really say much about it but I'm hoping that he gets lucid enough to realize he needs help.

By the time we got home Keith was beyond tired and also had come down with a cold. He sounded a bit better this morning but then of course as luck would have it I had bought tickets for a play for us. Thankfully it was in a nearby town so not far away and he was fine to go to it. We got home a bit later than we would have liked but that was our own fault as we went a couple places afterwards. Keith went to bed early tonight but I can hear him coughing. I am worried about new years eve as we are supposed to go to friends' but I know if he gets worse he won't want to.

I on the other hand, not to jinx it, am doing pretty good. I have gone to the gym twice in the last couple days AND my knee has handled it! It's not sore. So that's my wrap up of the holidays. I told Keith that 2020 is going to be our year of de-cluttering and of course finishing the basement - they sort of go hand in hand. I pray this actually happens. I have next week off and my wish is to go thru our x-mas stuff as I put it away and get rid of stuff I have and never put out. I am very sentimental when it comes to that stuff. I normally don't have time off so when I put it away I am tired and exasperated and just want it out of my living room and throw it back into bins. I'm hoping with some time and strong coffee I can get this done this year.

Alright time to post this entry! I can't imagine I will get another entry in before the end of 2019 so chat at you all next year!

10:18 p.m. - 2019-12-29


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