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Whoa - hello 2020!

No way - this is my first entry for 2020?! How did I let that slip by? I have some crap going on in my life that I may write about someday but not right now.

A quick recap for NYE, Keith and I spent it with my friend S and her friends - all of us dinks (double income no kids). Although for S that is not really true as her guy is a singer and um doesn't shall we say really bring in the money. But hey if they are happy who am I am to judge? It was a good night full of laughter, games and drinks. Nobody was sick or too hungover the next day so that was good.

January was a bit of a blur. I've been trying to stay active during this crappy season. I went back to the gym and have even made it into February! I am trying to vary things up so on Wednesday's I go belly dancing and on Thursday's I go swimming with T. It makes the gym less of a bore. I try and go Monday, Friday and Sunday. Try. It is so weird being a woman cause last week I was all "look at me go - man I Am Awesome!" Working out and feeling great. Today I slinked into the gym and didn't want to make eye contact with anyone and felt like a dork in my work out clothes. I know it's all pretty much hormone related cause really nothing's changed. Well except for eating a lot of doritos the last couple days (hi pms!). But what I try to concentrate on is the fact that I went to the gym. I was a little bummed I couldn't do the weights tonight (I do the free weights after cardio).

On the weekend my left hand around my thumb area - that fleshy part - became super sore - like I couldn't lift or grasp anything. I even had trouble sleeping Saturday night as it just throbbed the whole time. Last night I slept like the dead though - almost 9 hours cause I was exhausted. Today at work I think I figured out why my hand hurt. It has to do with how I had set up a couple notebooks and how I wrote in them. I changed things up today so I hope with the stretching and squishy ball thing this hand thing will get better. It already feels better than it did on Saturday so that's good.

This weekend we were visiting my fam for my nephews birthday. He turned 10. He is also as tall as me and I'm like 5'7 or 5'8 so not really short. Poor kid. He looks older than he is. He is also too damn nice. He is the one who gets bullied at school. He wears glasses and braces. He could also lift his fist and knock the kids out who bully him but he doesn't. He also knows he would be the one getting into trouble for beating up a small kid even if that kid is a little shit to him. I'm an aunt who can be over protective can you tell?

This week I took Wednesday off (I requested this day several months ago as that's when we have to request holidays). No reason why I took it off except to hang with my husband. We're trying to figure out what to do for the day. We have a 4 day weekend coming up in February - well I have 4 he has 3. Valentines to Family Day. We're in the midst of making some fun plans to go away for a couple days. I think Keith has been noticing I've been going through some stuff and is paying more attention to his wife which I must say is nice.

Speaking of marriages, I am worried for T's. I'm not going to spill her business here but she has basically told me that she is mostly with her husband for her kid's sake which makes me so sad. Her guy has some issues which he said he would get help for but never has. It's a little unsettling though that she would stay with him just for their daughter. I don't know I guess she is working on her own stuff right now - I can only hope that she figures it out.

I am hanging out with her and her mom this Friday. Her mom just turned 65 and her b-day gift was a comedy show - Jim [email protected]! I am pretty psyched to see him and to hang out with those 2 crazy ladies as well.

So that's what's been going on with me. I'll try not to be a stranger. And for the record I went to the gym tonight and then 2 hours later finished the bag of doritos. Yah I saw the irony don't worry.

Ironically just last week at a co-worker's retirement get together the table I was sitting at with co-workers were telling me how good I was looking and asked if I had lost weight! I was telling Keith this and he sort of looked at me - like really looked at me - and said 'you do look like you have lost some weight' which coming from a spouse is huge! The scale isn't really showing it which sucks but I know I have lost weight from my hips and sides so just gotta hang in there and not give up. Plus? My specialist appointment is early March so quitting isn't an option - ha!

10:05 p.m. - 2020-02-03


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