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Let there be heat!

I am definitely less cranky today - so hooray! Both my husband and myself are pleased by this. Our lack of heat turned out to be a bigger issue than either of us had thought. I got home Friday night around 9 and it was COLD in our house. Keith had 2 small heaters on and that was pretty much heating our main floor. The temp was around 13 I believe. I stole the heater for a bit in the main bedroom but then had to put it back as Keith pointed out it's purpose was to heat the whole house. That was around midnight when he had got up to pee and went back to bed. I on the other hand had a horrible night of insomnia. I watched tv in between trying to sleep and then finally around 3:45 got up and went out in the living room to read. I read til 4ish when Keith's alarm went off and then went and chatted with him for a bit before he left for work. Around 5ish I finally fell asleep. I also had taken the heater into the bedroom and was nice and warm for my 5 hours of sleep. Keith was the one who suggested me taking the heater.

I wasn't as cranky as I thought I'd be with only 5 hours sleep. Keith had moved the crap out of the way of the furnace - turns out it was really the 2 couches in the way (is it weird we have 2 couches down there?) Anywho we finally called the furnace people and they said they'd have the emergency guy call us. He didn't. He just showed up. Which was fine with us. As Keith and him looked at the furnace he said to Keith "you don't recognize me do you?". Keith said no. He goes, "You order pizza at our store, you order the 2 large canadian's thin crust". He was our pizza guy!! That is crazy. He wouldn't recognize me cause I rarely order the pizza or go in to pay it's always Keith. They had a good laugh over that. Turns out a small part went on the furnace and that small part cost over $200 once installed. Good times. But at least we have heat!

That was pretty much our Saturday. That evening we went out and got pizza for dinner. I had pre-ordered but gave my name, I now wish I had given Keith's cause I'm pretty sure it was the furnance/pizza guy who took my order and he was there when Keith went in and paid. Small world.

Today after finally a good night's sleep - we still didn't do much of anything - ha. We have plans for next weekend so this weekend is ok to be low key. As I told Keith at least the heat issue didn't happen next weekend when we are going away for a couple days. That plus I get the menses out of the way this weekend sets us up for a good time next weekend (fingers crossed!). We did go out to Costco and two thrift stores this morning then home to chillax for the afternoon. I dragged my butt to the gym so I wouldn't have to do it tonight. It was pretty dead and I actually had a decent workout so go me! I did the sideways eliptical that I love for almost half an hour - I haven't gone on it much since I hurt my knee but thankfully my knee seems to be doing better and better these days.

The Jim [email protected] show was awesome! They were filming at the venue in our town for his next special! He did a lot of Canada jokes! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much! T's mom had a good time. We had a chance to catch up before T arrived at the restaurant. She needs 2 knee replacements. She's in good spirits though. She sneakily paid the bill for her b-day dinner.

Now I just have to get thru the next 4 work days to enjoy my 4 day weekend coming up! Our plan is to start our small road trip with lunch at Red Lobster on behalf of Valentine's Day (Keith's idea!). He works Friday but will be done around the lunch hour. After that we will hit the road and travel to a town a couple hours away where we will spent the night and explore the city then Saturday we will make our way to the Falls and spend a night there making sure to hit our favourite spots and hopefully finding some news ones!

Alright time to wrap up so I can go and do some more chillaxing before it's bed time. Peace out.

8:14 p.m. - 2020-02-09


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