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Happy Workaversary!

As per usual I am tired. I always seem to be tired. I need to get more sleep. Do I? No. My fault I know. Although it was a crazy busy weekend. We threw my mom a surprise party and for like the first time it was actually a surprise. At first I wasn't into the whole surprise party theme when my dad suggested it but then I found out it was my mom's 70th birthday and my whole attitude changed. We HAD to make this birthday special. My one sil did ALL the cooking and made an amazing meal of baked potatoes, roast beef, green beans, cornbread, ceasar salad, meatballs and pogo sticks. All by herself. Then transferred it all from her kitchen to my parents over an hour away.

Keith and I were in charge of the cake and decorations. Easy peasy compared to that. I woke up Saturday morning at 7 and rather than lay in bed trying to sleep but actually thinking of everything I had to do before we left that morning I got up and did yoga. It had been a long time since I have done any yoga.

Last night I stayed up til almost midnight with my mom playing scrabble - she kicked my butt with a 7 letter word on 2 triple word scores. Another night of very little sleep. This is why I am seriously considering going to bed soon even though it's not quite yet 8:30!

So things with T are not really better but her and her husband did go to counselling. She was going to update me at swimming on Thursday. Thursday it had snowed most of the day but seemed to have stopped by the evening so we went ahead with the plan. It did stop snowing. We did swim and I did get updated with all the nitty gritty details. We then went our separate ways and drove home and there was crazy blowing snow with many road closures in the area (country driving). I white knuckled it a few times and called myself crazy many times. But thankfully I made it home in one piece and without going in the ditch (so did T)!

20 years ago today I signed a contract at my place of employment. Yup I have been with the same employer for 20 years. I've held a few different positions - all in Admin. It is gov't work. I don't feel the need to move out of Admin into a better paying job that brings 100% more stress. Keith and I are comfortable with what we both earn combined and I don't feel the need to stress myself out to the point that I"m not happy to go to work. I like what I do now, I know my job pretty well, I've been in this position for 7 years I think and just now I can say that I really know my stuff - no thanks to my employer who don't really believe in doing proper training any more and just try and cram it down your throat as quickly as possible via online courses and not in person. Anywho yah all that to say I am happy where I am. I don't have any co-workers in my office - they are all in another town as well as my manager. I supposedly get a 20 year certificate from my manager but she will be off on vacation next week and besides she doesn't come see me. I'm sure it will be interofficed in a brown envelope sometime in the next month or two. But I do have great co-workers around me who I share many laughs with on a daily basis. We also share a few tears as we've gotten to know each other better over this last year. It's a good working environment is what I"m trying to say.

I have taken it upon myself to celebrate and Keith and I will be going out to dinner tomorrow night. Lobster of course - always lobster.

Also I did a little online shopping tonight at the Navy of Old and got myself a swim shirt and 2 tee-shirts - a little anniversary gift - not gonna lie I just came up with that excuse right now! But pretty valid if I must say so myself.

Now I am gonna end this - get ready for bed and hell maybe even go to sleep! If I could just get 8 hours of sleep. Not 6 not 7.15 not 7.01 not 6.25 but 8 I would be such a happy camper!

8:17 p.m. - 2020-03-01


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