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Head in the sand doesn't sound so bad right about now

It is kind of scary how fast things have changed/moved in a week! I went back to work and it felt normal until the office started emptying out - they sent home all non-essential staff - I learned that I am deemed essential - who knew? I stayed and worked and then on Wednesday I packed up my laptop and work folders and headed to work from home. On Thursday I drove back to work and grabbed my two monitors. There was no way in hell I could work from a small laptop! So now I am set up on our kitchen table (which we only ever used as a catch all for everything and anything). I was expecting a headset from work but it never came in by the end of Friday so my manager advised me to go out and buy one and I would get reimbursed. I went to Best Buy and we had to stand outside in a line with 6 feet apart between us all and were let into the store slowly. There were not many choices so I had to buy a gamers headset. I got it home, tried it on and hated it. It's heavy and cumbersome (you can't return it as soon as you open the box). Keith thinks it's great cause it 'blocks out all the noise'. I tried explaining, I don't need to block out noise. I take a few calls every hour and other than that I like my headset resting around my neck or off. So we logged onto Amazon and finally found one that would work. It thankfully came this afternoon. I will try it out tomorrow when I go to work in my kitchen.

It has been a weird weekend. It is crazy not to jump in the jeep and just head out for the afternoon like we are used to doing. I alternate between tv and reading. I did go for a walk both days but it's quite nippy out and even though the sun is shining walking wasn't all that fun. I know I am getting a bit stir crazy already and that's a bad thing as they say this isolation thing could go on for months. I swear I feel like I am having a bad dream and will wake up soon. How is this actually happening?

I am most worried about Keith as he delivers bread to grocery stores and is being exposed at every single stop. He is worried about bringing it home to me but again I am more worried for him as he is prone to pneumonia and any respiratory issues would be very bad on him. Plus my job guarantees I will be paid whether I work or not. His does not. Thankfully we are ok money wise but now we just have to actually watch our spending - not going out does help with that.

My neighbour has not left her house for like a week - like not a step outside. I am kind of in awe of that. If I don't get outside even to stand on my step and breath in the fresh air for at least a few minutes I would go crazy. I didn't walk for 3 days last week and when I did on Saturday I felt insanely happy just to be outside (also insanely sore from not moving!). I think I will have to incorporate daily yoga cause at least going to work had me way more active than walking 10 steps from my bedroom to the kitchen table!

Alright time to wrap up and get ready for bed.

I'm also dreading checking my email tomorrow as I had emailed my manager before I logged off Friday and mentioned that my hand was sore - my set up on my kitchen table is less than ideal and I did a lot of mindless data entry that is not normally my job thus the sore hand. I know it's the last thing she needs to hear but if you don't report a problem when it happens then it's harder to prove down the line if it becomes worse - trust me on this one. I may have 20 years experience to back me up ; )

Time to go and not think about the state of the world for a while!

8:55 p.m. - 2020-03-22


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