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Just being a negative nancy (sorry if your name is nancy!)

I need sunshine to survive. I'm pretty sure I have said this before, probably more than once. I am powered by it. I thrive in sunshine. There was no sunshine today. The overcast sky and the 'virus' situation got to me today. I did not have a good day. I was grumpy as anything when Keith called at noon to ask if I needed anything at the grocery store. He was fine but I'm pretty sure I passed on my bad mood to him after he was home awhile.

I don't like working from home. There I said it. I thought I would. I thought I would love the lack of commute but I hate the lack of social stimuli. The joking around, the chit chat about nothing. The chit chat about the important stuff. I miss it. And my homemade set up is horrible. My back is killing me. Part of me wants to see if I can talk Keith into getting a new desk chair. He likes this one for gaming so maybe I can convince him to get me a new one and he can have this one back. I may look online tonight.

I also think I'm in a bit of a funk with the whole virus thing. My funk is over the uncertainty of the future and by future I mean 2, 3 or 5 months from now. Where will be? Will everything be cancelled? Will summer be cancelled? Summer vacations that is. There is just so much unknown and I know it's pointless to be upset and worry but here I am.

Plus I am stress eating. Big time. I mean I eat when I'm not hungry! And the amount of junk food and crap is astounding. Compound that with no gym visits and I am feeling like crap. I do go for walks on my lunch time and sometimes at the end of my workday if the weather is still nice (not today) but in reality the cardio is not there. And no weights have been incorporated. I am just in a FUNK. I know I will snap out of it. Maybe even tomorrow since a) it's Friday and b) it's supposed to be sunny.

Just the thought of working from home day after day is dismal. Although I did say to Keith imagine explaining this to people a decade or two from now how whiny we will sound! "We had to STAY home, like ALL day and NOT go shopping". Whiny.

Last night my neighbour had a co-worker/friend drop by and they were chatting outside in the driveway - 6 feet apart - and they invited me over - I was over within seconds! It felt great just to talk to people and laugh! I never knew I was this social a person! I thought I was more introverted than I am.

I drove into the office to pick up a package (that wasn't there) and I was quite giddy just driving the 10 minutes. This package is a cell phone that I need in order to answer phones for my job. They have since purolated it to me but as of now it hasn't arrived. I am not heartbroken over this as I am dreading answering calls as it is going to be businesses that are closed and have time to go thru all their billing and calling us to pay every outstanding bill in the last decade. I get a headache just thinking of it.

I do need to get more sleep. I have started going to bed later and later. Not surprised cause this is what I do.

They cancelled big brother canada. Emptied the house out. Everyone kept self evicting so I'm ok with it. Bad group of people this season.

Alright I think I vented enough. I am going to go and find something chill and funny to watch for the next couple hours and then go to bed. Hopefully I will wake up on the sunny side of the bed tomorrow!

7:18 p.m. - 2020-03-26


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