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Stress = booze and baking!

I went to update last night but my laptop decided it NEEDED to do a million and one updates and after an hour I ended up leaving it to its own devices. C'est la vie.

Not a whole lot is going on. I'm not so depressed as my last entry. I've snapped out of it although I admit I do have my moments but sadly this new norm is becoming a routine. I have tried to incorporate yoga in the mornings before work. I try and go out for a quick walk to the park at lunch - about 20 to 25 minutes. Then when the work day ends at 4:30 if the weather is decent I get out for about a 35-40 minute walk - that is the one that I try and hustle and get the old heart pumping a bit harder. I don't mind coming back a bit sweaty as I get to change into my pj's.

After my entry last time I did check out desk chairs and they were crazy expensive. Then a few days later I mentioned how a new chair would be awesome so Keith jumped online - to the same store - and found desk chairs for a decent price. How? Wha? The next day we drove to the store - got in line at a safe distance from everyone else and I tried out several chairs and found one I liked - ironically it's a gaming chair! It was delivered the next day to our door. It's not 100% perfect but it's a huge step up from what I had and Keith is happy to get his chair back.

Work has been picking up. This is a good thing. Our system keeps getting super slow and sometimes crashes but I can live with that. I am on phones again and they are not as bad as I thought they would be. Mostly because most businesses are closed so that helps. I do feel bad but a lot of people say they have a hard time hearing me, like I'm on a speaker phone, but there's nothing I can do about that. I have a headset connected to a cell phone I was given that runs thru a computer program. Fun times.

Today I found out I need to make a decision about my work parking spot. A new owner took over the lot I park in and they obviously want to be paid. There is talk of us not going back to work for like - I can't even say this cause it's unbelievable - but 18 months! Over a year? I just can't wrap my head around it. Maybe it's just my work because they now have us all set up to work from home? So that's a decision I have to make. I have the cheapest parking in all of downtown but why would I pay for something I'm not using then someone pointed out what if once we all go back the new owners clear us all out anyway and jack up the cost? I need a drink!

It's funny because so many people are bored out of their minds and I am still living for the weekends! It's a 4 day weekend for me this weekend because of Easter and I am pretty dang excited. I was not excited when I cancelled my vacation for next week. I thought hard about it and realized there was no point in taking precious vacation time when there is no where to go. Why waste it? But yah my point was talking to people who are so bored and I am (actually) working all day now my evenings and weekends are precious to me. My boredom comes from being alone most of the day and having no co-workers to talk to. Poor Keith has had to put up with my running commentary when something stupid or upsetting happens while I"m working a mere 10 feet away from him. I"m trying to do it less because I know it is annoying esp as he is trying to watch a show or play a game with his headset on.

I'm also a bit busier this week as I became a mentor to a new employee. Today was my first day and boy there were a lot of questions. Here's the issue - when I work (I essentially pay health care bills) I just either pay or deny from the knowledge in my head but now I have to go and find the information for this newbie in order to back up my response. It is time consuming! But at least she seems nice so far.

Last weekend I did a wee bit of drinking on Saturday. I think Keith is a bit worried as I have drank more alcohol in the last month than I have probably in the last year. Ok that's a huge exaggeration. But I put alcohol (liquers) in my coffee (I stopped doing that during a work day - it was only the beginning when there was no work and I def wasn't on phones). I have had the odd drink in the evenings esp after a stressful day - again this is in early days when everything stressed me out. But lately I have met up with the neighbours 2 times now in our driveway - safe distance away - and we chat and drink. This past weekend we were day drinking and watching another neighbour chop down his tree. The fun came when another elderly neighbour who has no regard for physical distancing got in there and kept trying to take over the chopping of the tree. We were all waiting for it to fall onto the house (ok I was) but Keith would go over now and then - safe distance - and give a couple suggestions so it wouldn't happen. That man takes away all the fun! It came down safely.

We did stock up on booze today (well Keith did I don't shop since we decided he is already out working there is no point in me going into stores unnecessarily). I also stocked up on mix, but I do hope to slow my roll with the drinking.

Besides the drinking I have also taken up baking! I am making cookies and banana bread - thus the reason I try and go on as many walks as I can! I should probably request he buy more fruit and veggies for snacking (we all know that's not going to happen).

Alright it is time to wrap this up. I need to watch a couple episodes of Schitts Creek as it makes me laugh out loud and leaves me with a smile on my face before I drift off to sleep! Stay safe everyone!

9:41 p.m. - 2020-04-07


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