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Just a quick pop in cause I am TIRED. The last couple nights I haven't been getting enough sleepy time in, plus I am worn out from the work day. Today my work system was so damn slow opening programs and then getting information and then opening pages it was brutal. Also everyone I spoke with was super bitchy. I mean it did calm down a bit but man people are just in a present state of bitchy right now. I get it - you are stressed - the situation with the world is effed but please do NOT take it out on me.

Today was Keith's day off so he was home all day. Not necessarily a bad thing but there is something I discovered that I really miss - singing. With all the outings I was doing - belly dancing, gym, swimming etc I would jump in my jeep crank up the tunes and I would belt them out as if I was giving a performance. Sometimes I would even repeat a song 2 or 3 or hell even 4 times if I was really feeling it. Now I may sing along a bit to the radio but really I feel like I'm just croaking it out. Not that I'm a great singer by any means but I sure as heck ain't getting any better by keeping these pipes quiet! Maybe tomorrow after I start working I will crank up the tunes while I'm by myself - from my spotify and just go to town. That's if nobody bites my head off when I start my day (my first phone call today). Gawd. Please people if you call a company at least start off nice. We all need more niceness in the world right now.

I even went for a walk in the freezing cold weather after work cause I just really needed to put my work day behind me. Shake off the bitchiness of the day and just let it go. I also froze my ass off doing that walk and it was shorter than normal but it still felt great to go out.

So I spoke to my mom and dad tonight. My mom told me a story that left me horrified. Her and my dad went to get their snow tires removed and they went to a guy who runs his business out of his garage. He invited my mom inside to sit because it was chilly out and his dogs were jumping all over the place. So my mom sat down and took out her magazine and just read while the guy and my dad talked about tires etc. The next thing she knows she is getting whacked by a flying tire!! The vehicle was up on the hoist and the guy 'forgot' to put a bolt on the tire when he was hitting it with a hammer to loosen it and it came flying off and went right at my mom. She said if it was any higher she probably would have died - my mom doesn't exaggerate. The tire did a number on the right side of her body but thank God she is alright. I was not happy to hear this story but she kept reminding me that it turned out good as she's okay. They see the silver lining in almost everything.

Of course then my dad tells me how he hasn't been feeling well these last couple days. Tired, achy and fatigued. He goes to the hospital every other day for dialysis so of course I am worried about him being out and about and especially being in a hospital.

This past weekend was Easter and it was the first time I didn't go home to visit my family - ever. I tried not to think about that. A whole bunch of us zoomed Sunday afternoon and that was definitely what I needed. It was nice to see the faces of my family and just sit back and joke around like we always do. God I miss them.

Keith made us a nice turkey dinner after that. We even ate all the leftovers - ok most of them - we still have stuffing left.

Monday I went to Walmart for the first time in over a month. I needed woman stuff that Keith couldn't buy. The line up to get in wasn't bad, it only took us about 20 minutes to get in. About 30 minutes to shop for food, drugs and automotive so not that bad. Spent a crap load of money but we knew it would be a big bill. We just count our blessings that we are both still employed full time and have money to pay our bills and are not worried. We know how fast things can change so we do not take it for granted at all.

Alright time time to wrap this up, go read my buddylist and then watch a few episodes of Schitt$ Creek and call it a night! G'night. Hope you are all staying safe!

9:43 p.m. - 2020-04-15


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