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Ew David (pass the popcorn}

I jumped on my laptop for 'just a little bit' and fell down that rabbit hole! I caught up with a few blogs and will now post a quick update!

First I hope Neeks is reading this cause hello barbie friend!!! I bought a few barbies the past year or so under the pretense of when I babysit T's girl I can bring them with me and we can play. Oh how I loved barbies when I was younger. And I know for a fact I played with them longer than I should have (barbies should not have sex). Anywho Neeks if you get your barbie camper I will set up my McDonald's beside it so they can have somewhere to eat! I may have mentioned before that a couple x-mas ago Keith bought me a retro barbie McD's that I was in disbelief over when we were out at our favourite antique stores. He drove back and bought it in secret. And in a VERY weird coincidence just TONIGHT as I was laying beside Keith when he went to bed I said out of the blue that I should dig out the McD's and put it together now that I have all this time on my hands. It's crazy cause then I read Neeks entry about her barbies - ha - perfect!

So reality. Yesterday I drove Keith to his second eye needle appointment. When I asked how it went he said "traumatizing" so you know the second time wasn't better. In fact he said it was worse in the fact that he had way more anxiety. Keith doesn't have anxiety. This scares me a bit. His next appt isn't for another 2 months so I"m hoping we can have him see our dr and maybe prescribe him something to take before the next appt. I don't need him decking the eye dr one day due to anxiety. I jest but I do worry about him.

There is yelling of some sort outside - I'm in my bedroom so it's overlooking the backyards of several other houses. But I will not look out the window cause I learned my lesson on Monday night. I heard sort of screaming - high pitch noises - I didn't think it was laughter but it was hard to tell. I had my window open to get my room cool before bed so I went over and looked out but couldn't see anything. My tv was back lighting me and just as I went to turn away a voice yelled out "I see you looking out your window BITCH". Hm. Not very neighbourly! After I re-told the story to Keith we figure it's our neighbours who built a 12 foot (at least) sky high illegal deck. We live on a crescent and I only know the handful of neighbours that directly surround us. I do not know those a**holes and I don't plan on going out of my way to meet them. I"m not 100% it was them so I'm not going to give anyone the side eye but yell at me again and it will be a different story. The neighbours got super quiet after that so I am going to assume the one who was less drunk dragged the other one back inside.

Today at work I began to care too much about my work again. I hate when I do this. My head was ready to explode as I was emailing two different managers (one was mine) trying to make them understand how they were idiots (nicely as I want to keep my job). I basically just asked for a process to be updated so when me and the 59 other people who have the same job title as me answer the phone - get this question - we can then look it up and give THE SAME ANSWER. It also involves the caller most likely getting money they deserve from us because we were all denying them due to having NO INFORMATION on this circumstance. This manager told me the process didn't need to be updated as my question was a 'one off'. I was livid and literally shaking. I am requesting a process for MY job be updated and she has the audacity to tell me not it's not worth it. I told Keith I'm not dropping this. I drop so many things because after a while I just stop caring. That's what this company does to me. I can bang my head against the wall (red tape) for only so long before I realize the pain and headaches is all happening to me and the company could care less. But the best part? The best part is after I am told No, or my suggestion is pushed off to the side sure as shit weeks or months later suddenly they realize there is real issue and they come blazing in to put out the fires. I'm venting here and I know it doesn't make sense - just know I am beyond pissed with work but I really can't let it get to me like this. I need to calm the eff down. It is what it is.

I will leave you with this little gem, while cleaning out the bathroom cabinets I came across multiple bottles of shampoos and conditioners that I have abandoned for one reason or another - mostly bottles with enough in them I couldn't throw them away - so I did what I have always wanted to do - I mixed them all together! I think it is doing nothing for my hair but my hair is not happy right now anyway as I have not coloured it. Not because I can't as I do my own box colour and have boxes - but I'm just seeing how long before I can't take it. I don't like the grey but it's not like anyone is seeing me or I'm going anywhere. My vanity can take a back seat for the next couple weeks! But I do get dressed every single day I go to work - in jeans even! I learned the hard way just wearing sweats and yoga pants gives you a false sense of security when you go to put those jeans on and they are snug! At least that's my hope.

With all that said time to pop some popcorn and watch the last 2 episodes of Schitt$ Creek - man that show was awesome!

9:48 p.m. - 2020-04-23


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