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Not all weekends can be gems

I didn't have what I would call a good weekend. Although I was thinking about writing this entry this morning and my view on the weekend events would have been written with the bitterness of Monday morning. I am writing now on the less bitter Monday evening.

Even though I knew the weather people have absolutely no idea how to predict the weather these days I still got my hopes up that it would be a nice weekend. Sunny enough to sit outside with a good book, soak up the vitamin D and absorb myself into a book. Bonus points if it's a good book!

Friday night I gathered my greasy hair (after only one unwashed day) and finally coloured it. Getting rid of the grey that has been bothering me for a few weeks now. I was going to hold out longer but then I began to question why? What would that do except make me sigh each time I look in the mirror. Well now I sigh for a different reason. The colour I chose came out darker than I expected, browns and reds instead of blonde. I come from a line of red heads so this isn't surprising. But it was not the result I wanted. That same night I painted the toes and fingernails. Not loving the colours I chose but they were handy. I probably should have seen those things as a sign. Then I began to put away my winter wardrobe and unpack some shorts and tank tops (I was seriously optimistic at this point - border lining on manic maybe?).

The next morning I awoke after a fitful night sleep - don't you hate when that happens? It's Friday night and the next day is my day off so of course I should have great sleep. But I don't. Instead I woke up tired and then looked out onto a dull cold sky. That sky did not lighten up. In fact it even rained later that afternoon, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

As has been our habit Keith and I jumped in the jeep around noon and did our drive around. Local roads and then the highway. The day just nose dived from here. We barely talked on our drive. We couldn't agree on lunch so I chose and then yelled at my husband in the drive-thru. Once home we bickered until eventually he put his lunch in the fridge and went for a nap. I was unhappy and I was taking it out on him. Not to say he didn't deserve some of it - cause he did - but he didn't deserve all of it. I was unhappy because this was supposed to be my MB weekend. 7th row. I know the why's and the how's and the 'but we have to' but it doesn't stop me from wanting to throw myself on the ground and have a wicked temper tantrum like a 2 year old. Since I"m too old to do that I take my unhappiness out on those around me - which in this case is just my husband. After his nap and when he came out I did apologize. Our night thankfully got better from there. We had dinner, watched some movie that I can't even remember - pretty sure it was a cartoon because Keith chose it.

Sunday I awoke to bright blue skies and a sun so strong it was almost sinful! It was the beautiful day we had been promised. After watching my brother's service I headed outside with my book (in shorts and a tank top!). I was 2 pages away from the end when my neighbour strolled over and we chatted at a distance then she asked if I wanted to day drink in her back yard - again social distancing. I was in!

Keith came over but had to go back and forth as he was making buns for our burgers that night. Yah he delivers bread but yet he couldn't get us buns go figure. The buns were way too dense for me. I drank and chatted until he came and got me for dinner at 5:30. It was a great afternoon.

This morning. Not so great. Not enough sleep combined with no water the day before and I had a horrible headache. I was writing off the day and doing a good impression of sulking while I was working but then suddenly my day began to pick up. I had some toast for a late breakfast and then at 10 it was work meditation time (I've been doing it for about a week or so). I couldn't concentrate the best but I do find it helps. Then the time flew by until lunch with actual work. After lunch I had 2 meetings in a row. First with the big kahuna and that was pretty boring to be honest. Then I had signed up for a seminar with a dr who gave a talk on mental health and to be honest I was blown away. She was amazing. I had figured I would just sort of float thru the hour but I found myself engaged and paying attention and when it was over I was smiling! I was happy.

The sun had come out sometime during the afternoon and although it was chilly out, I didn't care. I had planned on taking a walk after work but I forgot Keith had asked me to help him pick up a rental truck for work and drive it back to his truck spot. You know I love my driving so I was happy to be out and about. We picked up din at a local restaurant and had a nice evening. I did get in a walk around 8:30 in time to see the sunset which these days means the world to me and is a huge mood booster.

I have been on a online shopping spree - ironically enough after paying off my two credit cards recently! This past weekend I ordered bras - a little worried about online but I desperately need 'at home' bras so I had to. I also have ordered a couple things for Keith's birthday. One I have to pick up this week at a nearby store. Not sure how I'm going to swing that without him knowing. Then today I ordered flowers for my mom for mother's day. I've never ordered flowers so I'm hoping it will go ok. A little worried with them living in an apartment building but I wanted to do something special since I can't be there in person. I am also mailing a card that I am going to try and get out in the mail tomorrow morning. It took me all night to write it and I tried for just the right place between emotional and funny. I hope it worked! I also have a b-day present for my older brother to buy online but I think I will do that in another week or so as his b-day is at the end of the month.

Oh and I ordered another work chair - but this one I'm not paying for! In a surprising move my employer offered to buy those who needed them chairs and desks. The desk is really a table similar to my kitchen table in height so I saw no point in that but the chair I talked over with Keith. I like the 'gamer' one I bought but it is meant to sit with a tilt not upright like at a desk. I can sit back and type and work but eventually I want to actually sit up proper at my desk and I can't. So I will take a chance on this chair. Fingers crossed.

Oh and one of the gifts I ordered for Keith is a shirt that says "Surely not everybody was kung-fu fighting". We have laughed at that saying for years and I finally decided it's time he owns his own tee with that saying. I"m also hoping to get him his almonds at Costco if C goes there and they have any.

Alright time to call it a night - I am going to put this laptop away and call it an early night - for reals! I want to duck out tomorrow before work and post my letter. Plus mixing up the ol' routine is pretty damn healthy if you ask me.

8:18 p.m. - 2020-05-04


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