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Almost Friday

Almost Friday. It was a short week. And interesting enough it even felt short! So my long weekend last week turned out to be pretty good. Saturday was actually an absolutely beautiful day, the sun was shining and the weather was gorgeous. Keith and I picked up lunch - drove home and ate it - not our plan but his amazon package arrived just as we were grabbing lunch so rather than eat and drive we stopped to eat.

We then drove to my friend/co-worker who is always so happy to take bread that Keith rescues from work (they are sometimes overshipped and for a variety of reasons the bread is going to be destroyed rather than given away) so Keith takes a bunch home and we try and give it away. She has 3 teenagers who are active and hungry so it works. We stopped for about a half hour visit in her driveway and then we headed to T's where we spent the next several hours outside. We had a bbq din and then a fire. It got cold but I had brought a change of clothes and a sweater. Keith didn't bring a sweater so he got a bit chilly although he never says it. We got home later than I thought we would. But it was a great day.

Sunday was rainy and cold like they said it would be. We did pretty much nothing all day. Monday was again a rainy and cold day but this time I worked all day going through my clothes and switching over from winter to summer. I also got rid of a lot too which although makes me sad to part with clothes makes me happy to not feel so cluttered! I am super pleased with the result and I can finally move around in my bedroom again - it was getting a little 'hoarder' like - crawling over bags of clothing to go to bed.

Tuesday was horrible getting up for work. I didn't feel well and I blame it on my new meds and the fact that I refuse to eat better. So basically I'm an idiot. I start work at 8:30 and I got up at 8:18. Thankfully my commute is to my kitchen. Threw my day off not starting it with a shower - had to do it on my 15 minute coffee break - ha!

Wednesday was riddled with bad computer juju. Our company was having major issues and I was down for a lot of the day and got super frustrated at one point that I nearly cried because I let this stuff get to me. Why can't I just be more chill and realize it's not MY fault they can't get their shit to work? So yah not the best day.

Today, was much better. Got up and did yoga for the first time this week and it felt SO good. I need that stretching routine before starting my day and sitting at my makeshift desk all day. At lunch I cut my walk super short and basically spent my lunch hour sitting outside reading on my deck. I did that again after work and planned on walking after dinner instead. I read until dinner. After dinner when Keith went to bed and I ended up chatting with him in bed for about an hour. Sometimes those are my favourite moments with him, our spontaneous chats. A LOT of time we both bitch about work and the other person sits there and tries to pay attention while wishing the other person would just wrap it up already!

Saturday is Keith's b-day and dare I say I think I got it all covered! Last night I walked to the grocery store for the first time since this whole thing began (no wait I did go there once in the last 2 months but I was with Keith). This time I was by myself and it felt so weird. But I wanted to buy a cake and a few little b-day items for Keith. I did and was quite pleased with myself. I hid the cake in the fridge and so far I don't think he's noticed. I had already bought him a shirt so I have some decent gifts, a card I had bought months ago that struck me as funny when I read it. I asked him what he wanted to do for his b-day din. If he leaves it up to me then I am going to order us a bunch of wings from one of our favourite wing places. But if he'd rather something else than that's all good it's his b-day.

My bro and sil sent him a present in the mail which was super awesome. And a card arrived from my parents today for him. Keith's side doesn't do gifts. My family is all over it!

I meant to walk tonight but I picked up that damn book again and didn't put it down til I finished it a few minutes ago! I haven't read a book that fast in a while. Speaking of books! I found out the huge booksale I go to every year is cancelled this year and it's not even until October! And also my neighbour asked if I had any books as she has none so I told her I had 10 books I had read in the last 2 months and I chose another 10 asking her what she'd like. She came over - I set them outside - it was raining but it was under the shelter of the overhang thinking she'd take a few - she took all 20! Um okay. I sure hope she returns the ones I haven't read yet! Amazingly I still have a lot of books left to read - a lot! I always felt like I had too many but now I feel totally justified getting all those books! I can't pass up a bargain!

So that's what is happening in my life right now. I was up at 6am this morning when the squealing fan woke me up. It's been dying for months now. Ironically I looked at fans last night while shopping and found some but since I was walking I couldn't buy one. I sent Keith an email today and asked if he could stop and buy one, I told him I looked on the website and they had them - I couldn't tell I had been there buying him a cake! He called from the store telling me they didn't have any so I had to play dumb and say where are you in the store? Did you check by the exercise equipment (wanting to add where I just saw them?). It was so funny. He'll get a kick out of that story when I tell him on Saturday!

Alright time to wrap this up and head to bed. Def need to get up for yoga tomorrow! I"m now super glad I have my fan as I use it as white noise and the neighbours are out tonight because the weather is nice - guess they aren't working right now! I also got to watch my 2 neighbours chit chat while looking at their gardens as I grabbed a quick 10 minute break outside this afternoon. Not bitter at all.....

10:29 p.m. - 2020-05-21


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