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Another week of the same

I jumped on my laptop 'for a quick sec' and fell down that rabbit hole - again - like I didn't know better? Ah well it wasn't like I had anything better to do, I was going to watch a movie on flix and I probably still will.

First off Neeks I missed your barbie video! That will teach me for not checking in with D-land earlier! OH but I did watch your JMM video and it was Awesome! I would totally shop there!

Second I have my window open and it's cold! I am trying to drop the temp in the house so I can legit turn off the AC. Keith is a freak about the AC. He loves it. He hates humidity but right now it is barely double digits and will be getting colder tonight so if I can chill the house off I can legit turn off the AC and he can't say boo!

I've been having a rough week. I think this whole pandemic is once again getting to me (join the club right?) I made the decision to take a half day on Thursday to meet up with T and her daughter. It was supposed to be a nice day but we woke up to rain and a cool day. By the time we met up the rain was really beginning to come down. But thankfully that didn't really slow us down. We went into a few stores that had opened up and I wore a mask for the first time (normally I"m not near people when I go out) and it was horrible. It was also a cheap paper mask. I have since bought one from my neighbour who makes them - correction she gave it to me and told me I owe her one. I was going to be cheeky and be like um actually we are even since we gave you footage and spent a good chunk of time watching people egg your house when you asked us to! But I didn't. Gotta play along and be a good neighbour.

So going out totally gave me the lift that I needed. It normalized things a bit for me even though you have to follow the arrows and spread out etc. I didn't even have to use any vac or wellness time as I had some time banked. Not like it really matters since who knows if I'm going to keep any of the 3 weeks I booked off this summer. No point if there is nothing to do. I don't mind taking the odd day but not the odd week.

Twice this week I went on my long 45 minute walk - both on beautiful evenings - one was tonight. I usually only take 30 minutes but if it's after Keith's gone to bed and the weather is just right I will go for the longer walk.

Funny story - work has offered us online meditation sessions. I like the morning one at 10am - you participate on this thing called Teams - well lately this is the exact time that my 'work team' all decide to chit chat on Teams so while I am participating in this mediation all I hear is DING DING DING DING DING DING for every gd time they type one sentence and hit send. These people know they can type whatever they want to say all at once and don't have to hit send after every word? I guess if I can start ignoring these DINGS then that means I have become really zen? And no I have no idea how to mute these dings - I've looked!

In other expensive news, I broke my fitbit. It has a huge crack on the face. No idea how or when. I also have bruises on my legs that I can't remember getting so yah. Those are not related btw. Keith thought his fitbit was acting up so we used these excuses to buy 2 brand new ones. We may love our fitbits a bit too much. But to our credit we never buy 'top line' ie out the ass expensive. We ordered them and they came the next day - supposed to be regular mail but I guess not! I nearly had a melt down trying to figure mine out - I am NOT good with technology and figuring things out. I don't find pleasure in learning the ins and outs of my new gadgets. But surprisingly I have done really good and the only thing giving me an issue is playing Spotify on it which I think is more their issue to be honest with you. I"m just psyched this fitbit is actually waterproof and I can swim with it. When I can eventually go swimming that is. Sigh.

Alright to end this I came up with an idea for my co-worker and I to exchange our top 5 movies of ALL time with each other. We are giving each other the weekend. At first I thought it would be a snap but after 2 movies I was stumped. Then I came up with 5 and realized they were all in the 80's! So I stared googling movies and trying to see if there are any I am missing - so far no! Recent - you know the last 20 years - movies are apparently not that good! Ha.

Alright time to go huddle under my covers and watch a movie! Happy Friday!

9:36 p.m. - 2020-05-29


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