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Family drama amidst covid

Oh hello......June. May, June makes no difference does it? Every day feels the same. Or at least that's how it feels right now - they are lifting restrictions etc but we'll see.

First things first Neeks thanks for letting me know about the Barbie video - I absolutely loved it! And that Barbie Condo - hello!! That by itself was amazing! I loved looking at all the dolls and seeing how they were styled - no wonder you get so much joy from this -you're really good at it!

I've had a bit of a downer day - family drama - which I'll get to in a bit. First let me talk about some online games I've been playing with friends and family. I think this was the third time I've played? It's games called jack box. My brother bought a couple packages and Keith and I bought a couple. Last night we played with 4 of our friends so there were 8 of us. It is SO much fun and we have so so so many laughs and it is really what we all need right now. It is silly and fun.

My work chair finally came. It was delivered yesterday. It is quite comfortable. My work asked if anyone bought their own chair and how much they spent. I have my fingers crossed I get reimbursed for the couple hundred I spent on the chair I bought (which turned out to not be the greatest for working at a desk). But I'm not holding my breath.

Ok I didn't realize how late it was so I am going to quickly write about what happened today for future reference. I may have mentioned my uncle who has the head injury over the years. He is basically an asshole who lies and treats my parents horribly but since he is family they continue to help him - which I get. But now some really weird shit is going down. We are not sure if he is having some sort of psychotic break or if this stems from covid and/or his brain injury?

He lives in a retirement home which here in my province are all on lockdown. They cannot leave the residence and can have no visitors. He is pretty young to be there but he needs the help due to his injury. Little by little my parents let slip about his settlement so basically I have learned that he is set for life - he will be taken care of until he dies with an income that will cover his needs. I guess when you get hit by a city bus and even their doctors can't work their way out of telling you he has a catastrophic brain injury then you have to shell out the money.

Anyway my parents emailed my brothers and I and asked to have a zoom meeting so they could tell us what happened. Back story is a few weeks ago my uncle told my parents he was getting married to a woman in the small town he lived in before the retirement home. She is married with kids. He then went to mail her his diamond ring which he bought a year or so ago. The facility caught it called my parents and then he back tracked and said they were just friends. No one has talked to this chick which just blows my mind.

Fast forward to the last couple days and he is sending crazy texts to my parents and his "friends" from the old town. They don't make sense. In one he tells my parents that one of his 'friends' got arrested and then killed himself in jail. He didn't. Then in a text to that friend he asked him how to make a bomb. He wanted to kill a few people. My uncle isn't a violent man and I don't think even has the intelligence to make a bomb but apparently he has a list of people he doesn't like and at the top are my parents!

My parents went on with other texts and other examples but that really stuck to me. He is also talking about a celebrity who is an Osman coming to visit him but she had to cancel. It is disturbing, sad and confusing for all of us. After talking about it for a while we decided that it would be best to get a doctor to come in and see him. We don't want him to get violent or to continue to send these bizarre texts. He needs help. I think we are all still in shock from all this. I had my nightly chat with my parents tonight after the zoom and we still can't believe this is happening.

Then to top it off we start talking about the mental illness that runs in my family! My dad started citing different people on his side and yah there has been many instances. I mean one is a great uncle that I only ever knew as the man under the blanket. He rocked back and forth on the bed and never came out of his room. My grandma brought him food and I don't even want to know what the bathroom situation was like - there was a bucket I know that much. Although his was a bit different as he was given 'shock' treatment back in the day when they didn't know what they were doing to 'treat him'. Wow I am going down a dark road right now. My brain has decided it has had enough and I am going to sign off and go to bed.

I am now watching the Office from the beginning. I have seen most of the episodes several times but it is fun. My neighbours teenage daughters are watching it (for the first time) and they inspired me to watch it all again. G'night and I sure hope there's better news in the upcoming weeks....for everyone.

10:14 p.m. - 2020-06-10


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