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Ah July....please be kind

Normally on Tuesday evenings I am sitting in front of our computer with Keith, using zoom and playing online games with a group of friends (8 of us) - oh and also having a couple drinks. I never sleep well on these nights but it's a small price to pay for the fun we have. We are taking a break tonight as my brother and his wife (and their children) are camping this week. They have an electrical site not sure why they didn't bring the laptop to play? Kidding.

I just finished doing yoga - it's been a few weeks as I have replaced walking with yoga in the mornings because it's been extremely hot and at 4:30 it feels horrible out. Now I grab my book and usually go outside and sit in the shade for about half an hour or so until I either go in and help with dinner or get called in for dinner. I should do yoga in the evenings cause it feels so great to stretch but I tend to go for a short walk or stand outside and talk to my neighbours instead.

Tomorrow I get to leave early from work - actually leaving the house! It's Keith's needles in the eyes appointment. It was supposed to be at 9am but they called and moved it to 2pm. Well first they moved it to Friday but that's a no go due to his work. Wednesday's are his day off so they thankfully were able to work with that.

I"m not sure if I will be able to go in with him. Last time due to covid they wouldn't allow anyone in except the patient. We think it may be the same so I will probably drop him off at the door, go grab a coffee and then go find a shady spot to park and if too hot even drag out my lawn chair and sit out with my book. I'm not too sad to be missing work. Speaking of work I was on vacation last week!

Not only was it a staycation it was a work-cation. We worked on the basement. I think I surprised Keith by still getting up and walking most days to get in my cardio. Working on the basement wasn't really exercise per se. I did a lot of 'watching' Keith work and handing him things. We got a fair amount done but not as much as we both hoped. We did lose a couple days. We also ended early a couple days. Canada Day was one of those such days. We headed out and went for ribs! We were able to continue our tradition that we started several years ago. Ribfests are all cancelled but there was one place that was doing it in a nearby lot. We got a huge amount of food - gluttony - and we brought it home to our air conditioned house (have I mentioned it's hot?) and ate like royalty! Then the next morning I paid for it. My poor body wanted to purge it - tmi - sorry. It didn't thankfully but I felt awful! But it was worth it! Not anytime soon tho!

We ended the vacay week with an evening at our neighbours on Saturday sitting outside around their fire. Keith called it night around 11:30 but I didn't stumble home til 2am.

OH I almost forgot an amazing surprise. July 2 Keith and I ended a bit early as we both weren't feeling our best - I hadn't really helped him work that day as I had decided to go shopping at a store that is closing. I brought us home lunch, we went down in the basement for like an hour or so then called it a day. I had just went outside after cleaning up and was settling in my chair with a drink and my book when a car drove up and a hand waved out the window. It was my older brother and his wife!!! I hadn't seen them since March! It was an awesome surprise. We hung outside talking for a couple hours then drove nearby to a restaurant down the street that has a patio and we all had dinner before they hit the road home. It really lifted my spirits. I haven't seen any of my family in 4 months. I'm still smiling.

Our Province has just mandated that we must wear masks now in public places - stores, buses etc. As much as I hate masks I have been wearing them. Canada is doing decent with the outbreak and to make sure it continues I am all for wearing a mask.

I feel like this entry is rambly but what else is new. I'm gonna wrap this up cause I am tired - 6:45 comes early. I walked this morning.....and threw in a couple seconds here and there of jogging! Just to see if I could do it - and I could! Not sure how often I will do that but if it becomes more frequent I may have to sink some money into a sports bra that 'is super supportive' if you know what I mean!

Oh and to make my vacay week even better I was playing a bingo scratch card and thought I won my money back - $5 but turns out I won $50 - that was a nice little bonus to the week!

Okay for reals going to bed - night!

9:29 p.m. - 2020-07-07


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