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I just want to sit on a beach....

Now the sun is shining. It has been a rainy overcast day all day. We had a tornado warning this morning - thankfully nothing came of it. I am lucky enough to say I have never had to worry about that or live through it. The closest I came was about 8 years ago cottaging my with brother, sil and D who was 2 years old. We were in an area known to get bad weather and we got some but thankfully not the big T.

Another weekend has passed. I am really tired of staying home. I know that most places are open now but Keith and I can't bring ourselves to go out to our old haunts like we used to. It won't be the same - going to antique and thrift stores with our masks on afraid to touch anything. Using hand sanitizer many times. I'm just not ready for that. We could visit family but it would be hours of driving for a few hours of visiting then hours of driving again. I did go into my neighbours house yesterday. Her and I have been hanging out every couple days outside after work and on weekends and yesterday we were invited for dinner, a movie and a fire all outside. They have a party every year but obviously this year it was cancelled just us and one other neighbour couple invited. I went over around 4 and we sat outside talking and drinking then it was time to prep all the food and she asked me to help so I did - inside. It was sort of surreal going into someone else's house after all this time!

The meal was great, the movie was shorts that were funny and the fire was nice. Although it was a bit bitter sweet because earlier they realized they didn't have a whole lot of wood so we went out to the small wooded area behind their house where people dump tree stumps and branches and found some wood for burning. We brought some back to their yard and I was trying to break one dried limb but I had sandals on. I asked Keith and he stepped on it but it didn't break and he ended up losing his balance. He did that slow fall thing where your arms go out and you start to step backward but then he twisted and as he did he hit a bike that was behind him and then twisted the other way and then finally just fell back hard with his body hitting the ground. His head was just a few inches shy of a huge wooden pole for their outdoor swing. He was okay but super sore. Being the bad wife I am after I knew he was okay my first thoughts were "well I guess we're not working on the basement tomorrow". I mean it's getting silly last Wednesday his day off, he went down (begrudgingly always begrudgingly) and was up within minutes holding his drill that no longer worked. He said he would go out and get one the next day. It was 10am so I asked him why not today? Then proceeded an argument. An hour later he went out and came back with a cordless drill (but not a coffee for his wife).

Thursday - nothing. Friday he went down (b-word) and then came up advising that he had mistakenly put the battery for the drill in the wrong way and "whoops" it hadn't been charging the last 2 days! I honestly feel like he's going to tell me that the dog we don't have ate his homework and he couldn't work one of these days! I get it this stuff sucks but good Lord man we (you) made this mess and we need our basement back! I'm trying not to let this get to me but I aint' gonna lie it's not easy.

To help with my sanity I decided to do some retail therapy. I wanted a black swimsuit. So Saturday morning after my walk I went out to 2 stores and bought stuff but not a swimsuit. They didn't have that. So then I jumped online and spent a couple hours browsing and did eventually find 2 that I think will work and a couple other things that I really probably don't need but like and yah all of it should be arriving in the next week or two. I've never been a big online shopper as I like trying things on but since this is the new way I am coming to adapt. They've made returning things easier so that helps.

So a week or so ago T text me about having a beach day. She missed hanging out with me yada yada yada, her and her daughter go ALL the time cause she only just started back to work (for a couple days). So we chose a day and I got super excited. I haven't been to a beach since last summer and I haven't swam since March! I made my list and packed a bag and about 4 o'clock the day before our beach date she texts me with "Don't kill me but...."

I seriously wanted to put my head down and weep. I was that upset. I also was pms'ing which I hadn't realized til that moment. But I really was upset. She offered to get up at 8am and we'd have a beach day til...11am. Yah. No. That would be horrible. And pointless. She had a meeting with her accountant that she had forgot about. I think she realized how crushed I was - I did try and hide it because sadly I am used to her disappointing me so I really wasn't all that surprised. We have made tentative plans to stay overnight in a cottage in a weeks time. I think it's her co-workers and she has also warned me that her co-worker is flighty and it may not happen. So who even knows. I asked if it would be me, her and her daughter and she said yes and apologized for bringing her kid. I don't mind although it would have been nice just the 2 of us. Her daughter is great but is really into the 'me, watch me, play with me' stage the whole time and doesn't play well by herself. I can handle that for a bit but then I"m out. As long as T is not on her phone non stop texting then I can probably handle it better. The last time I was out with them T was texting with someone and I was hanging out with her daughter. A little bit of texting is fine but not the whole hour we are together. It's rude and frankly insulting. Not looking forward to that convo if it happens again but I will say something because life is too short to be disrespected by your friends!

That was a tangent I hadn't planned on! So yah no beach day but maybe an upcoming one with an overnight stay in a cottage. I will be using wellness aka sick time if it happens. For my mental wellness I need this.

Not much going on. I've kept up with the walking. Second week in a row I have walked 6 days out of 7. I have also consistently lost weight 3 weeks in a row. Not a large amount but I also haven't done the dance of lose, gain, lose, gain which is nice. I am trying quite hard. It's nice to see results. Trying really hard not to sabotage myself which I tend to do because I am messed up that way.

Have I mentioned my next door neighbour (the drug dealers) have a person or two in their house who has covid? This house brings endless entertainment to those of us who live around them. The cops show up every couple days and recently the ambulance a couple times a week. That's how we learned about the covid. It hasn't stopped them from coming and going and having people over which is damn scary. Then the other night 4 cops showed up because one of the brothers in his 30's didn't like the way he was woken up from his nap and proceeded to get very angry with everyone to the point where one of them called 911. What the eff?

I think I am going to slip into some exercise gear and try a work out video. I didn't walk today due to rain and I like to rest at least one day a week but I have ate nothing but tasty tasty carbs all day. Rather than start a new book I will exercise for a little bit. The rain has helped with the humidity so hopefully tomorrow morning's walk will be a nice one!

PS - Neeks I couldn't get the barbie video to work a few days but I just tried it again and it working so I look forward to catching up with the barbie condo!

7:50 p.m. - 2020-07-19


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