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End of August re-cap

Whoa August is almost gone! How did that happen? Let's do a quick re-cap: Camping turned out to be great fun. I did nearly cry a few times as I was sitting around either at the beach or at a fire looking at my family and just so damn happy to be with them. I hugged my parents hard which I think may have surprised them. I know I talk to them every week but seeing them in person was just what I needed. I did manage to put the phone down. I only picked it up to take pictures. Well there was one evening around the campfire all the adults had out their phones and we were adding each other as 'fitbit' friends and looking at each other's stats. It was funny. Driving away on our last day was bittersweet. I was looking forward to going home and having a shower (not to mention the ol menses had started that morning) but so sad to be driving away from my family.

Since then it's been fairly quiet. This past Friday we had bookclub at a restaurant. The hippy gal who is usually light and love and also super depressed looked like she wanted to kill us all - seriously her glare was scary. I have no idea what was up with that. After the meal I hung out with my neighbour for a few hours and then stumbled home around 1am. I managed to drop my favourite drinking vessel and it broke. I was so mad at myself. I wasn't even drunk! That day my arm/wrist had begun to hurt. Over the course of the evening I was rubbing and squeezing it non-stop. As I walked home that night my fingers wouldn't grasp the handle correctly and because I was unlocking the door and had to pee extremely bad I dropped it and then proceeded to shut the door on it. Sigh.

I wrapped my arm/wrist in a tensor on Saturday and today it is almost back to normal. I figure I had somehow strained it. I'm thinking when I lifted a box out of my jeep. I bought a porch box. I had a smaller version but this one is bigger and meant to be sat on. I blame T. She bought one as well. We met for dinner last week. I miss our girl talks. Although I am now quite certain she will not be with her hubby come this time next year. Call it a hunch.

I am gearing up for another week off. I just have to get thru next week! Tomorrow I work 8-4 instead of 8:30-4:30. I have a chiro appt at 4:15. Thursday I booked myself a hair cut. A little worried about this as I'm not sure how you wear a mask while getting this done? But I figure if all hell breaks loose once the kids go back to school and things go sideways at least I won't have to worry about my hair for several more months! Then Friday I am meeting up with a few co-workers in a backyard for some social distancing fun! It will be the kick off to the long weekend AND my vacation!

I hope to be going away for my solo girl trip. I say hope because the place I go to is under new management and let's just say they are not instilling much confidence! I am going to call next week - I have previously been emailing - but even those are sketchy - so I will call and def confirm I have a room for 3 nights.

Last week I went for blood work. This Thursday I will talk to my specialist. I actually went and looked at the bloodwork something I don't normally do. A few numbers were in red so I looked those up. In one I was taking too much of a vitamin. I hope to go over them some more before Thursday so I can have a discussion about my health and not just be told what I have to do.

Speaking of which I had a weight victory this week. I have steadily been losing weight and I saw a number I hadn't in quite a while. Then in true form I slacked on my exercise the last couple days and made some bad eating choices. I am my own worse enemy I know this. My sister in law is on the same meds as me. I'm on it for diabetes she's on it for weight loss. So now we are conversing more and sharing stories. I think she's been on this for a year? I've been on for 2 or 3 months.

I am on a website now to buy a spectacular sports bra. My neighbour bought 2 and loves them. She even whipped off her shirt to show me. She is more well endowed than I am on top so I know it will def support me. It's about the going price except it's a US company so I am paying a lot more. Ah well. The ones I have now are def losing the support as I can well attest too from my morning walks!

Now I shall call it a day. It's getting dark early now. I love Fall but I am still sad to see summer leave. I also would like it to hang on until after my week away. I need some beach time!

8:00 p.m. - 2020-08-30


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