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Yah it's a rant. A hair rant. Sorry.

I just cried over a haircut - and not a 'happy' cry. And cry is putting it mildly. I had a mini break down on my drive home. OK. So the fact is I go to a school for my haircuts. My hair is cut by students. I normally have a casual conversation in the beginning about how 'hair grows back' so I'm not worried about getting my hair cut there. The lady who cut my hair today gets the award for the slowest hair cut I have ever received. I am used to them clipping the hair up as they cut each piece but this woman took it to a whole new level. I think she cut strand by strand. Then once the cut was done she began to style it to the same degree. Blow drying strand by strand. Finally after an hour I kindly said I was sorry but that I really had to go. She stepped it up a bit and in the process left my bangs looking f*cked. I guess that's where she drew the line in styling? So I left rushing to get home and back to work. I glanced in the mirror on the way out and my heart sank. The cut wasn't good. I look like a page boy. Just a blunt cut. Not even the face framing that I asked for. Also - when I made it home and combed my bangs back into shape they were totally uneven. Keith had to take the scissors to them. I would have done it but he seemed to want to help. Plus pretty sure I scared him because I came in crying and blubbering and ranting and he looked worried.

Now I know it's not all about the haircut. I know I'm pms'ing. I know I was keyed up emotionally for my specialist appointment this morning. For the first time I went over my bloodwork with a fine tooth comb. I was ready to chat about it. I looked up the meanings for everything on those results. So I was slightly deflated when our conversation was quick and I was told that it all looked good. She did mention a few odd ones and we did discuss them so I guess all was not lost. She was very pleased about my weight loss which was nice. state of this world? The fact that I am so over this pandemic. The fact that the next month is going to be huge in terms of this thing spiking again. The fact that I won't be celebrating my b-day with my family this year.

So yah - crying. Over a haircut. First thing I did when I got home was put my head under a tap of cold water and negate every single minute of the 30 minutes she put into hairdrying and brushing my hair. I'm not sure I am going to come to love this haircut like I normally do. I just really hope my hair grows fast like it has been the last couple months. Until then.....

Thank God I look cute in two tiny pig tails.

Oh and I was so done with this day that I emailed my manager and took the remainder of the day off. If ever there was a time for self care and mental wellness it is now.

2:46 p.m. - 2020-09-03


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