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Oh hello October welcome to the sh*t show

October! It's weird to get excited about a new month when pretty much every event is guaranteed to be cancelled. Keith and I have already decided we're not doing anything for halloween. Really it's Keith who made the call. I offered to throw candy at any kids that stopped at our house but he wasn't keen on that idea. As my neighbour said it was always our house that made people turn down our street as we had the smoke and music and large displays so maybe our street will just be dark and get skipped. Sad.

Thanksgiving is next weekend for us canucks and so far it is happening - sort of - for my family. We are meeting outside at my parent's trailer and having a picnic - turkey sandwiches etc and helping my parents close up their trailer. I am just praying - super hard - the weather co-operates. I have no idea what we're going to do if it is rainy and cold.

This past weekend - speaking of rain - I was in anything but sloth mode. Saturday it was beautiful and I was tempted to find something - anything - to do outside but what? Instead Keith got home from work, we went and ran a couple errands which included getting me ONE pumpkin (sigh) and then grabbed lunch on the way home (they screwed up our order I got a burger instead of a chicken sandwich) and then I went to town on the house and just began to get shit done. I replanted a few house plants. I washed the windows - inside and out. Then I began to go through not only my clothes but Keith's clothes and I got rid of a huge garbage bag full of clothes. Sunday we went out in the rain and dropped off several bags at the thrift store - stopped to grab lunch - again our order was wrong (different place). Keith ordered some spicy chicken burger but got a regular one. Maybe it's the universes sign saying hey stop eating crap and eat at home! Once home I dived into the basement and spent a few hours going thru stuff and de-cluttering even more. I may have mentioned more than once that we have a LOT of stuff. It feels good to get rid of the stuff that I no longer love. I'm not gonna lie though it is hard. I'm also a sentimental s.o.b.

I never wrote about our weekend away for our anniversary. It happened. Keith's eyes were fine. We went to a really nice hotel that in better non covid times would be even more amazing. I did get to go swimming. I booked a swim time and it was me and a few other people keeping our distance. It actually was kind of cool - as I told Keith maybe they should always do that! I hate trying to swim and having a dozen children shrieking and jumping on my head as I try to swim. I get that kids love pools but I try and go the last half hour of swimming like say 10pm just so I"m not that annoying adult glaring at kids. Heh. I'm old.

We had a great meal at the restaurant in the hotel. I would definitely stay here again. The next morning we checked out, I got my tim's coffee and we hit the road. Oh I didn't mention the coffee thing did I? The day before I stopped for a coffee when we left home but the lineup was insane so we drove on. I stopped about 45 minutes into our drive at another tim's and the lineup was even more insane. I believe most of the stores closed their doors and only the drive thru's were open - they have since reopened so who knows. Anywho no coffee for me. So at one of our stops I went into the golden arches to get their coffee - ugh- I walked in and no one was there - sweet - I ordered my coffee. Just a coffee. Then watched as people came and left with their food AND coffee while I stood there for EIGHT MINUTES. I get it - relax - but seriously? I almost left without my coffee and then almost threw it away on my walk out the door cause I was so incensed. Yah I overreacted but wtf golden arches?? Poor Keith and his ragey wife.

So yah Sunday got my tim's coffee without incident in a small line. We then drove to the beach and I swear I was thisclose to going for a swim! It was absolutely beautiful out. People were in the water! But we just walked the strip and went in a couple stores (I got my $25 coupon spent) and then we headed home. It was a pretty nice weekend.

Last week - Thursday was our actual anniversary. I had made reservations at a local steak house that is a bit pricy but we rarely go there. I opened a card from my parents and they gave us a very generous gift that covered our meal and then some. It was a great meal except we got an appetizer and man we were both hurting by the end of the meal! It came with a free dessert in which they wrote happy 15th anniversary on the plate so how could we not eat it?

Ok it's time to go catch up on big bro then off to bed. I think I have decided to not walk in the mornings any more. It's just too hard to get out of bed when it's still dark and chilly out. My motivation is zero. Today I walked immediately after I was done work which is what I was doing when this whole thing began - and it felt great. I definitely walked faster than I do in the mornings. I think I will try and do that. I'm toying with the idea of getting up just a bit early and doing yoga. I haven't done it for a month or so and I miss it. I was actually getting better - and not from frequency but because of my walking. I guess I was looser in the hips and what not and could actually do some of the stretches and moves correctly!

This Wednesday I go for an orthotics appointment. My old ones have a hole in them that I wore in them from walking which I'm not gonna lie I think is pretty bad ass! After my appointment I am meeting a co-worker who lives alone and we are going to go shoe shopping and grab a bite to eat. Safely. She won $5000 this morning on a local radio station! I wonder if she will treat me to dinner : P

G'night and stay safe! I love how everyone I am reading right now pretty much feels the exact same way I do - how are we all not having breakdowns right now? Is this really our reality??? It's scary but let's stay as sane and positive as we can! I guess this is why they are all on my buddylist - like minds!

8:34 p.m. - 2020-10-05


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