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Never enough turkey

Turkey weekend was a success! Friday I took a vacation day. My rmt moved my massage to 2:15 from 10:15 which although mildly annoying worked out okay. I didn't do a heck of a lot for the rest of the day. That evening my neighbour invited us over for a fire but Keith was too tired. I headed over and it was a beautiful night. My other neighbour came out as well and we didn't stumble back home til 3am. Yah I didn't go to sleep til almost 4am. It's been a long time since I've stayed up that late - sober!
Saturday Keith and I ended up going out for a few hours during the afternoon and then just had a quiet evening. Watched the Adam Sandler movie on Netflix - it was ok - his voice in it annoyed me though.

Sunday we were up and out the door by 10:15 which we had planned so that was a nice surprise! We took the back roads to my parents and were able to see the beautiful trees. We were able to check into our motel before we met up with everyone which was nice. It was a beautiful sunny albeit chilly day - we were mostly in the shade. We did some work cleaning stuff up for my parents at their trailer and then we all sat down and ate. I only regret I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast cause I felt shaky and ill by the time we sat down to eat. Bad diabetic. But after we ate and had dessert and then some s'mores it was starting to get dark at 7pm so we said goodbye and packed up.

My sister and law and my nephew D weren't there as D wasn't feeling so hot. He's going for a covid test tomorrow. We did facetime them and he did seem to be doing better at that point. I sure do hope it's just a cold. Now his brother isn't feeling so hot.

I am very doubtful I will be seeing my family at x-mas but I will cross that bridge when I get to it!

In a more superficial topic I have fallen off the wagon! My exercise has been sporadic at best. Eating has definitely deteriorated. This weekend I continued on the spiral, embraced it actually. I would say that I plan on turning over the new leaf tomorrow but I brought home way too many homemade cookies made by one of my nephews to keep that promise! But I do have to get smart and get back to exercising and eating better. My neighbour is killing it lately. The weight is falling off of her. She does the intermittent fasting thing. She does only work 4 hours a day so I'm also jealous of that fact! But hey I can't take away her willpower and motivation I just need to channel some of that myself.

Alright time to log off, get the garbage ready for tomorrow, watch big bro from last night and then go to bed! I haven't gone to bed before midnight once this extra long weekend. Tomorrow morning is gonna be brutal!

2 last things! Within 5 minutes of getting home this afternoon Keith and I had carried our old loveseat out to the curb for garbage tomorrow. I wonder what my neighbours think happened? We had it planned for weeks though. It was looking rough and starting to go on one side. We brought up the love seat we had in the basement. We hope to also replace the futon couch in our living room with our 'new' couch that has been sitting in the basement for 2 years now while it is getting renovated. I finally talked Keith into bringing that one up. He just wants to clean that one first as it's quite full of drywall dust.

And the last thing is Neeks OMG I am in love with your halloween barbies! So very very cool!!

8:03 p.m. - 2020-10-12


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