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November already. That's happening.

I am so very tired. Physically and mentally. Mental is due to work. I have never been this invested in work basically since I began working there almost 21 years ago. Once you learn the systems you pretty much go on auto pilot and I think there is one thing you may have learned about me if you have read me over the years - I am very good at coasting. I feel no need to rock the boat and leave my comfort zone. Sometimes I complain about being bored and in a rut (with work) but then I look at the other side and my co-workers who are stressed and have the frown lines.

I digress - basically I have been living and breathing work for the last few weeks but the last week in particular I have been 'working' in the evenings and on the weekend I did several hours. This is all to help myself learn our new system - so unpaid. My new system rolled out on Monday or 'went live' in work lingo. It went as predicted - chaos. I can't remember the last time my brain was challenged this much. It really appreciates it's down time let me tell you.

As for the physical - as I may have mentioned I have been slacking BIG time with the exercise these days. It's too cold to walk and too dark. I meant to replace walking with some other form of exercise but it isn't happening -until this past Monday.

My neighbour gave me her password to an online streaming exercise service to look at it and try one if I wanted. So I did. I did a beginner class and let me tell you - if that was beginner I am in trouble! There was one move that literally made my legs cramp and it looks so simple and easy! Let me tell you about it! Basically you are standing and you put one leg back as if you are going to do a lunge but instead you kneel down on it then you bring the other leg back so you are kneeling. At this point you then stand up! Easy peasy right? Yah no. You do that for one full minute always starting with the same leg - rest for 30 seconds - then do it again on the other leg. Maybe you can do it? But me? I tapped out. I also had to use my arms to push off as I stood up. So yah I'm out of shape. And I have now decided to sign myself up for this streaming service. My neighbour has seen amazing results so I know if you put in the work you will see results.

But it doesn't end there! So I did that Monday and on Tuesday standing up made me cry out. My legs were on fire - those inner thighs I didn't even know there were muscles there! So I had this brilliant idea to 'force' the couch issue with Keith. I wanted to switch the couches because the upstairs one had become uncomfortable and it's the one I sit on the most. So I had it all ready to be moved when he got home from work yesterday and we spent my lunch hour sweating and cursing my name because getting this couch up from the basement was brutal. It got stuck in the stairwell. Then we had to remove the back door. Then we nearly broke the front door getting it in. Yah we had to carry the couch out one door and in the other. We even got a small tear in the couch BUT we did it! I am now sitting on said couch and oh so comfy! So yah I am sleeping great this week because I am so damn exhausted.

In other news Halloween was as depressing as I figured it would be. It was a beautiful day and would have been perfect for setting up outside. We were both a bit bummed. I carved a pumpkin and as I said on fb - my pumpkin looked sad and confused so I called it 2020! But we got pizza for dinner that evening something we haven't had in months (carbs!) and then we watched a couple movies and actually went to bed at a decent time basically because of the time change.

I should mention the night before was bookclub. I stayed up super late chatting with my neighbour. We had regular bookclub on zoom. I hosted. Sort of. The gal before me had set up the zoom so I asked if she could make it recurring - but I guess I asked in such a way that when she answered I was confused. I was also super sleep deprived at that point because of work. But everyone loved the book I chose! Not one bad word so go me! It was a book by Ruth Ware - I want to say the Person in Cabin 10? Lady in Cabin 10? There was a cabin in the title! It was good.

Almost time to call my parents! Best wrap up and post this! The weather has been great and getting better this week. I actually went for a walk after work today! I made it to 10000 steps for the first time in ages.

This Friday I am seeing my friend S! She is coming to town. She asked if she could stay overnight as she has a work thing but I sadly had to say no which broke my heart. But Keith and I aren't comfortable with that. Keith especially is super careful. Being out in the public every day. But S found another friend to stay with and now she's bringing her boyfriend. I am meeting the 3 of them for dinner. I have seen S on game nights when we play on zoom but I haven't seen her in person since I think January?? Wow. Ok time to go chat with the folks.

7:15 p.m. - 2020-11-04


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