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Another Wednesday entry

I'm a little distracted. I was texting with T earlier and she dropped a few bombshells on me. First off her husband has covid. Her and I were supposed to hang out on Sunday - but her hubby didn't feel well so she stayed home and we made plans to meet after work on Monday but then she let me know her hubby stayed home again that day and we both saw red flags and decided to not meet up. I am SO glad I wasn't like 'ah well' I'm sure it's just a cold! Because she did leave it up to me. SO glad.

Then in our text she mentions how she quit her job and didn't she tell me that? Um NO you didn't. So in classic T style we text back and forth for a bit and then she totally just stops. Classic T. So I guess I'll find out the rest of the story later. I mean what else does she got going on? She's supposed to be quarantining herself and her daughter for the next few weeks right?

I had today off for Remembrance Day. Normally I go to a service but they were cancelled to the public. I watched online. I made it home just on time from my walk. It's been beautiful this week and I've tried to fit in more walking. I signed up for the online workout service my neighbour does. I did a few classes and I am feeling it. My legs were sore today from squats and my low back was sore because I didn't protect it like I should have. I also called my gym and tried to quit. Instead we put my membership on a freeze for free until the end of the year. I should have done it sooner but I didn't think of it.

Today I went out with my 2 neighbours to a x-mas store. I spent way too much money but I actually bought xmas gifts so that's okay.

Keith was supposed to work on the vehicles but he couldn't find some tools he needed and man was he frustrated. Welcome to the chaos that is our home. I told him that he is going to have to start fighting thru his tiredness and pain on the weekends and get back to to working on the basement - I could tell he was not impressed with that statement. PS when I say he I mean both of us! I wouldn't send just him down!

Speaking of work, this Saturday I am voluntarily doing some overtime. I figured why not work a couple hours? I am taking lieu time over money. We are SO far behind. This new system is kicking our asses. It will be nice to work without worrying about answering phones. Lately I"ve had several calls last well over an hour. This is not normal. Yesterday I stayed late to resolve an issue because this person pretty much hated our organization and was beyond frustrated. I would like to say her issue is resolved but I will find that out tomorrow when I get back into work. I will say that I will follow up until it is.

Okay time to post and get this old bod ready for bed. Hopefully I will talk myself into getting up before work and fitting in a work out. I am mostly pain free. Plus Friday morning I have a massage so that helps with the motivation!

8:48 p.m. - 2020-11-11


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