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Don't be a stranger post more (memo to myself)

So - December already! Time is a freaky thing.

I have been telling anyone who listens how sucky work has been. I am not ashamed to admit that I have to take mental wellness days just to deal with how exhausting and horrible the work is. We are going at full speed 100% of the time and it takes its toll. Then add on the time of year and the people calling looking for 'their money' and I just want to toss in the towel. Instead I share my struggle with anyone who asks how I am doing. Why hide it? I'm going thru something unpleasant.

Last Thursday I couldn't fall asleep. When I began to think about how little sleep I was going to get my head would sort of swell and feel funny? I can't really explain it except it scared me. I'm sure it was just stress and lack of sleep but I made the decision to take a sick day on Friday. Normally I save these for when I have things to do but I didn't care I needed this day for what it was. After I called in sick, I went back to sleep and then once up I did a whole lot of nothing all day. I actually binge watched a whole series - ok it was only 6 episodes and I think I only had 5 to watch but still this was a first for me! It was the Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman one. It was Good!!

The rest of the weekend was pretty decent as well. Rest with a few errands. I try and do my errands right when the stores open or right before they close. Basically when there will be the least amount of people. I'm thankful I now am done xmas shopping. I got a bit of baking to do then a bit of travelling to drop off some gifts but that's about it. I'm trying to just R-E-L-A-X.

I put up the xmas tree on Friday as well. I decorated it Friday evening when Keith went to bed. It's been nice to slowly do this. Normally since I tended to keep myself busy being social I would bring up all the xmas bins (yah theres quite a few) and get overwhelmed putting up xmas. This year I've taken days to do it. I bring up a bin or two at a time and just take my time looking at my stuff and it makes me feel good to see it. I don't think my xmas tree has 2 of the same ornaments on it. It's a small tree but has a lot of ornaments. They are all unique. Some are new, some are really old. Most are thrift store bought over the years with Keith. It's not just xmas tree decorations btw, I decorate the whole living room - lol -just ask Keith! He's not a huge fan but loves me so puts up with it.

So lately I have had this issue sleeping. I become 'wide awake' around 11 and do cleaning and house work and just putz around then I go to bed and watch a show to 'wind down'. I turn off the tv and normally lay there and try and fall asleep. I'm usually successful but then at like 1 or 2 am I just wake up - like WIDE AWAKE and lay there. I do fall back asleep but it's weird! So I am going to try and switch up my routine. No more letting my second wind carry me around the house. I am going to keep it calm before bed. It may be that I am also going to bed later because I used to get up early in the summer to walk and before my foot injury to work out but now I sleep until 8.

But now that my foot is better and I have pretty much cleared our living room of all the totes I should probably get back to the exercising. My ankle issue turned out not to be the ankle after all. It was swollen and affected but it was really the tendon that I had sprained or strained. I could not 'push' my foot into a slipper or shoe without extreme pain in the back. But like I said it's now pretty much back to normal so no more excuses! I did go for a longer lunch time walk than I have in the past few weeks even tho the cold was a bit more bracing than I realized. I really need to dig out my earmuffs!

I have to laugh - I updated my profile pic on fb today and I have some wonderful comments from my friends and family coming in. I'm laughing because for this pic I really did put on makeup and do my hair to take a pretty pic! My work profile pic is still my summer one and it depresses me when I see it every day so I decided this past weekend to try and take a decent pic to replace it. I guess since I got fb approval I can now go ahead and throw it up at work as well! : )

9:17 p.m. - 2020-12-07


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