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A week til what now?

Oy just had to write a lengthy post on fb. I meant to do it earlier today but forgot. Basically I put a plea out, on behalf of my mom, for all family near and far to light a candle on Christmas day. I guess back in the day when we lived in Nova Scotia and didn't get to see family everyone would light a candle as a way of remembering those we couldn't be with. Hopefully my post made sense. I wanted it to be today since it's one week from Christmas. I'm also super tired so fingers crossed.

Why am I tired? Because I just don't sleep well. Probably like a lot of people right now. Poor Keith lets me know just how tired I look which every woman loves to hear I'm sure.

I am so over work right now. I'm over bitching about work. The days and weeks are flying by and while it's good one way it's just outright exhausting. I do the odd hour or two of overtime each week but I try not to do too much. Today I did very little work which was oh so nice. I hooked up my camera and made sure it worked while chatting with 2 of my closest fro-workers (friend-coworkers see what I did there?). We were all just excited to talk while seeing each other and we each felt the boost. We want to have a weekly chat come the New Year.

The camera was to set up for my work party. It went better than I thought it would. I finally got to actually 'meet' my co-workers and see what they all looked like! I had to laugh cause one guy I work with has an accent but also a husky voice and I could swear he was like 50's, even 60's and dude was like 30! Woops. My manager made me laugh cause she is going to be in charge of a social project next year and I started laughing and so did she. She is the least social person and we both knew she was voluntold. Everyone else looked puzzled. But she said she knew why I was laughing and agreed cause I knew her so well. It's good to have a history with your manager. Most times lol. Our manager also let us leave an hour early which isn't really done but I was not going to argue. I logged off and went for a fresh air walk in the daytime so I was in heaven.

Tomorrow Keith and I are going to visit S and her guy for an outside short visit. Normally we exchange gifts 'whenever' but I wanted her to have her gift before x-mas this year plus I am giving her man a gift for his 40th b-day in January cause I am quite certain we will be in lockdown by then. Numbers are creeping up again.

I feel like I had more to say - as per usual - but my eyes are so dang tired that I am going to give in and go to bed. I will write when I am 'fresh' one of these days!

Uh-oh my neighbour just messaged me - I'm sitting in my living room and I know she can see the light on! LOL - can't hide from the neighbours!

11:26 p.m. - 2020-12-18


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