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A Christmas movie you say?

I decided I should watch x-mas movies this week since you know it's only 4 sleeps til the big day! So I searched the flix tonight and um ended up watching a 12 minute short about grieving parents and then a movie that was not Christmas and not happy. The Dressmaker. I won't give anything away but I will say it's not a 'feel good' kind of movie!

Well as I mentioned the count down is on! I've decided that rather than concentrate on what I am going to miss and how it's all going to be different with not seeing my family I am going to concentrate on what I have, the fact that I am together with my husband. We are healthy. We still have fun together. We have the right mix of doing our own thing and then coming together and hanging out.

We are doing the big turkey dinner Wednesday. A big turkey dinner isn't a huge deal for us as we normally cook a few turkeys throughout the year with all the fixins. We decided on Wednesday as that's when Keith is off then come x'mas day our meal of the day will be my favourite - hot turkey sandwich with fries! I am definitely psyched for the food!

I'm also going to try and sleep better this week. I think it's helped that as of Sunday my gifts have all been given! I have driven to all my friends houses and did a social distance visit and exchanged gifts. It was a small thing but it weighed on my mind and I'm sure contributed to the anxiety that I am living with. It's mild anxiety - the kind that I believe we are all living with right now. Just somedays I can feel the weight of it more than others. I picked up a book this weekend - sure I only read 5 minutes but it's a start! I hope to get into reading on my week off.

But I also hope to get into cleaning the basement on my week off. I am already thinking about putting away x-mas! Normally I would want to leave stuff up as it's cheerful - which it is - but I also want to take this time to go thru the totes of stuff and just organize and put back into storage so I can convince my husband to come back into the basement and start to work on it again. I know he too feels anxiety. I try and be gentle but sometimes it's hard.

But let's concentrate on the good stuff! 3 more work days! Really 2.5 work days as x-mas eve I'm finished at noon. I also plan to leave an hour early on Wednesday our turkey day.

Today was a good mail day. I got a very belated b-day card from Mr Bolton. I had sent him a message on his patreon site in November I think just letting him know I hadn't received the promised b-day card that came with signing up. He sent me a message back apologizing and promised to get it out asap. So that was pretty awesome. Then my manager sent me a x-mas card with a liquor gift card! In the past she used to give us all a bottle of wine. I always felt bad cause wine wasn't my thing but I usually re-gifted it so it wasn't a big deal. Now I can buy what I like.

Speaking of which I've asked Keith to pick me up some spiced rum. I bought egg nog and I am ready to try the nog and rum! I don't think I've ever actually had it. Keith said to just use the rum we had but I was adament if I am going to taste this drink I want to do it right. I'm not even sure I like egg nog so that makes me laugh.

Alright time to put this body to bed. I really do need that beauty sleep!

10:02 p.m. - 2020-12-21


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