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Merry Christmas & pie

My mop ran away. Not sure if it had a fight with the bucket? I cleared the floor, swept it and ran to get said items. Found the bucket but the mop is nowhere to be found. Pretty sure my husband 'placed' it somewhere when he was in the basement last looking for something. Ah well I shall sit here and relax until Keith gets home and finds the missing piece.

Yesterday we had our turkey dinner. It was weird but fitting. We had a lovely spread and finished with some apple pie and icecream. Today I had my first of I hope many leftover turkey sandwiches!

I am officially done work until January 4th. Big sigh. Finally. I ended my work day a wee bit on the cranky side dealing with a last minute caller who had all the time in the world to go over a problem that could obviously wait until the new year. Then when she thought she was leaving me with the problem I turned it around and said well let's hunker down and figure out the answer - she quickly saw it my way that this could wait until when she's back from vacation too! Okay okay end of work bitching!

In other non x-mas news my jeep has decided not to work. It won't catch when we try and start it. Yesterday I took some wellness hours in the afternoon. I had a horrible night sleep the night before and felt wretched. I did end up taking a nap to help with my headache. Then I went to go out to run an errand and that's when I found out the jeep is pretending to be a paper weight. Luckily I have nowhere to be and Keith can hopefully figure out what's wrong while he's off. Fingers crossed not something major or pricy!

But let's concentrate on Christmas! Tomorrow! We have 2 zoom meetings planned with both sides of our family. I imagine it will be a busy zoom day so hopefully there's no issues! But tonight I shall drink egg nog with spiced rum and watch It's a Wonderful Life. It will probably make me sad as it's a ritual I've been doing for years with my family. But it's time to stay positive!

For all those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!! Now would it be wrong to have a 2nd piece of pie? I had a slice with my morning coffee break. The correct answer is No, it is not wrong! Merry Christmas!

1:33 p.m. - 2020-12-24


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