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Christmas 'wrap' up

I only cried once. Not including x-mas movies cause those suckers always make me cry! On x-mas eve Keith and I watched my brother's x-mas service. He held an outside service - in the rain - he is a trooper! The people who attended sat in their vehicles and were able to tune in to a fm station to hear him. It was pretty cool. The youtube version was pretty glitchy tho. The microphone was right beside the organist - which i guess in this case was the keyboardist and after one song she muttered to herself "I can't sing that song" which we all heard loud and clear. It was cute.

So that was when I cried. Not her saying that but during the service. I was sitting there watching my baby brother on the screen and my nephews who were part of the service and it just suddenly hit me - all the years Keith and I rushed to a x-mas eve service and seeing my family it was the official start to x-mas. I let a few tears fall and then pulled it together.

Christmas was good. Keith and I exchanged gifts. We had a zoom with my family and then a zoom with his family then we just chilled for the day. And I have been chilling ever since. I haven't left the house in a week! This is crazy for me. It also helps that the weather has been horrible. Snowy and blowy and cold and crappy. Also the jeep is still not working. Keith thinks it might be the spark plugs. He ordered new ones today since all stores are closed due to our 2nd lockdown.

Today I put away x-mas. ALL of it. This is the first time I've ever put it away this fast. I even got all the totes in the basement organized. I just can't put them away - too heavy plus Keith likes to do the tetris thing with all the totes. I'm hoping he'll get to them Wednesday.

Now to the heavy part that's been weighing on my mind all day. I spoke to my mom this morning and I asked how she was and she said she was feeling better. Better I asked? Turns out my mom has been having dizzy spells and one morning got up too fast and passed out. So I am now in full blown worry mode. This has always been one of my biggest fears something happening to one of my parents during covid. I'm trying not to let my mind wander too far down the darkhole. She's trying to contact her dr to get an appointment. I will continue to worry.

On a less heavy note tomorrow I will be getting chinese food. It's a rarity especially since Keith doesn't eat it anymore. Even though the restaurant I go to I just found out is closed on Tuesday's but that is not going to deter me! I am going to pick up the food at the restaurant that used to be our favourite when we lived in our apartment on the other side of town. I plan on eating chinese food for lunch and dinner. I've made this week all about the food! Next week will be back to the clean-ish eating and way less sugar! Tasty tasty sugar! Until then gluttony! Keith is even having tasty carbs on new years eve. We are going to zoom with a few friends. Catch up and play some games.

Okay time to go and post this. I did plan on cleaning our living room but I think that shall wait until tomorrow. Yup tomorrow. Also thanks for the notes - I should look into more sleep remedies. I do take the odd melatonin now and then but it sometimes makes my head feel weird and heavy. Also Neeks that x-mas condo is SO damn cool! I loved everything about it - that leg lamp made me laugh out loud - love!! As for the jeep I don't think Keith liked my new nickname 'paperweight' but it sure is giving us a run for our money lately! Fingers crossed the new sparkplugs will make it run!

8:55 p.m. - 2020-12-28


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