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Be careful what you wish for

I cleaned the bathroom this evening because....

A) I am pms'ing and I unfortunately clean when this happens.
B) I am stressed because of this not dull weekend or
C) The bathroom needed cleaning

The answer is ALL of the above.

So the jeep. She's dead. RIP. We brought it in for some switch and turns out there was a bunch of stuff that made it unsafe to drive even if we got the switch thing fixed. There would be a few thousand dollars in repairs the mechanic advised against putting money into it (ouch). Turns out this type of jeep is 'known' for it's problem. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. We've only had this jeep 2 1/2 years.

So we began 'the search' for our next vehicle. We waffled back and forth between what we wanted to search for next. We were going with a vehicle we knew held it's value, would last longer but was more expensive but then.......

Keith found out his boss sold his company. He still has a job however it is now with a guy who is known for piling on the work and making his drivers work long hours. Keith is all about working hard but he pointed out that he makes barely above what a minimal wage earner works who doesn't have insane hours (middle of the night wake up call anyone?) and something that doesn't involve leaving his body broken each day after work. So. Yah. The future is definitely uncertain for him. For us.

We went back to the drawing table for a car and decided to go with another jeep. Not the same kind though. We researched and found one that wouldn't have the same problem as the compass. We went on Saturday to take a look and ended up buying it. Now the fun begins in dealing with paper work and insurance and dealing with the dead jeep. It's all overwhelming.

Today we removed the winter tires - the new tires - from the compass and put the crappy old ones back on. We will be able to use them on our new vehicle thank goodness - they were not cheap.

But I am still blaming this on 2020 as that's when the jeep stopped working. Plus, some of this may be my fault....the days are boring and sometimes I will sit here wishing something...anything would happen to break up the monotony. Be careful what you wish for!

9:02 p.m. - 2021-01-10


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