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There are no guarantees

I accidentally cleaned the fridge this weekend. I was doing dishes and decided to empty a few containers of questionable nature and the next thing I know I've got my head deep in the fridge scrubbing every nook and cranny.....and it's been a while since that has been done. Now whenever I open the fridge I can't stop smiling and preening a little at how good it looks! It's the small things and if this pandemic has taught me anything it's to appreciate even the smallest of things right now.

We were supposed to pick up our new to us vehicle this weekend. We mailed the plate portion to the car dealer on Tuesday - 2 day delivery - by Friday the status showed as "oops we made a mistake". Yah. BUT I am trying to be less negative about this and be positive. I took a vacation day on Wednesday and we will go on Keith's day off. Anything for a day off! Zen.

I walked a LOT this weekend. My friend C challenged a few of us to some warrior thing on fitbit. Yesterday was a pretty nice day - sun and all - so I took not one but two walks. It's the most I've walked in weeks. Today I didn't really expect to walk too much since I had zoom plans with my mom. We started playing our game and about 20 minutes in her sister called. My aunt's husband passed away. He was in his 90s. He had a second stroke after recovering pretty well from the first one. Apparently he went fast and wasn't in pain. Honestly I never really knew him that well. I saw them every few years at a family reunion and it was more of a 'hi' kind of thing no real conversations. I'm closer to my dad's side of the family. But really I'm just more upset that because of covid family can't be together to comfort one another when it really matters. It's just so frustrating and it is something I worry about a lot.

Speaking of death. I'm reading this book by 2 authors about health. One is a doctor and the other a retired lawyer. It's a good read. It's not something I can zoom through so I have been reading it for weeks. I pick it up when the feeling strikes me which lately isn't much. I'm not much of a reader these past few months. Anyway I googled their names to see if they did any interviews and found out that one of them died. The doctor! He lived a clean and healthy life. Exercised daily - didn't eat junk food - ate all the right things and died of prostate cancer. It just kind of made me stop in my tracks. He was 58. There are just no guarantees are there? You can do everything right and bam. Dead.

Carpe Diem am I right? In that vein I had a re-do for my chinese food day. Remember the hot and spicy dishes from the last time I ordered? This time I ordered from our normal place. I also ordered way less. It was a delicious lunch. Which I will enjoy again tomorrow for lunch because even a lunch meal for one is a 2 person deal.

I think I'm getting a blister on my big toe. Apparently walking in winter boots does not make my feet happy. Lesson learned. Time to go online and look at boots!

Seize the day people!

7:09 p.m. - 2021-01-17


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