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Hey nice weather? Wanna play?

February. One step closer to better weather right? Even though I barely pay attention to the day/date. Scary since I write (type) it many times a day at work.

This past weekend was soul affirming! T, C and I met in a parking lot on Saturday at 11:30. I thought it would be fairly quick as T had to go meet her mom and C is normally leaving before an event begins. But we all stayed standing outside talking and laughing 6 feet apart for more than an hour. I have to marvel at the fact that it was and has since been damn cold for what seems like ever EXCEPT on Saturday the sun came out and with no wind it was actually NICE. Yes cold but not deep bone chilling cold. C left and then T and I hung out for a while longer as her plans with her mom had got pushed back. I came home in such a good mood! It was exactly what I needed.

Turns out I wasn't the only one feeling down last week. So many people also felt out of sorts. Funny story - the mental wellness talk was a zoom mtg and you couldn't see how many people were in it. I joined at the exact time and it took them a few minutes to start as they were waiting for more people from my company to join. I started thinking what if I"m the only one who showed up?? At the end of the hour long talk the host said how glad he was that over 600 people had joined in! Huh. Not so alone.

My fitbit broke over the weekend. Of course it wasn't fixable. I found my old one and charged it up - it worked - yet I forgot about the huge crack in the screen. But I was able to wear it until my new one arrived. Yah I ordered the same one. Throwing money away? Maybe? But it makes me happy. Also I get to see each morning how poorly I slept! I jest sometimes it's okay-ish.

Today was a tough day physically. I started my new hours which was nice to be able to log off at 4pm. But getting up earlier on a Monday is just hard. Plus ever since my massage on Friday my back has been sore. Then today it just plain out hurt. All on the right side. I know it's the lack of exercise and I have to start doing something. I have to do something to combat sitting at my kitchen table all day. Keith was able to get my back mostly feeling better before he went to bed.

Alright time to shut this down. My bed is calling. After dishes that is. The excitement never ends!

9:01 p.m. - 2021-02-01


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