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I had an eye appointment today. I was a bit apprehensive as I know my eyes have gotten worse since I was there last (turns out it was Oct 2019). After some chit chat my optometrist looked at my scans and asked me if I had headaches after working all day. The answer was overwhelmingly YES. Stress I assumed. Or sinuses. Turns out it's because my eyes are straining because dun dun dun....I'm having a hard time reading on my computer screens. I know I lean forward a lot but um yah....I didn't think it's because I couldn't see. I even have a timer set up on my computer that pops up every 20 minutes so I can look away. I also hit "ok" and keep working most of the time. The good news was that my eyes still looked good diabetes wise.

So I have now ordered glasses to wear while on the computer. Getting old. Normally I would make some sarcastic remark about how it sucks. But this week we got some sad news.

One of Keith's cousins attempted suicide this week. We heard that she was on life support but they will be taking her off it as she wasn't expected to make it. We know very few details. I had only met this woman a couple times since Keith and I have been together. I am sad that this lady with 3 young kids felt so desperate or upset that she took such drastic steps. It is all just incredibly sad. Also sad is the fact that we can't be there to support family.

Speaking of family we had a zoom get together Tuesday evening. It was my nephews 11th birthday. His parents made it an amazing day. It was another bittersweet moment thanks to covid. As part of his gift his parents ordered a movie from cineplex along with movie popcorn.

After the zoom Keith and I had a movie night as well - Groundhog Day. We hadn't seen it in probably a dozen or more years. Along with it Keith made me 'movie' popcorn as well. It actually was quite close to movie popcorn so that was pretty awesome.

We're expecting a snow storm tonight. Not that it really matters with working from home. Keith may be impacted if it gets bad enough, but half of the time they are wrong so who knows. What I do know is that Keith and I are supposed to actually work on the basement this weekend. I reeeeeeally hope it happens.

Okay I am definitely rambling now. Time to call it a night.

8:32 p.m. - 2021-02-04


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