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4 days of bliss

Wha.....weekend is over already?

I never realize how much I need time off until it's over. Man did I cherish these amazing 4 days off! I really do amaze myself in how much I can forget about work - even when the work computers are taking up the whole kitchen table which I walk by several hundred times a day (it's a small house). So yah I LOVE me some time off.

Friday I ended up meeting up with T for one of our epic walks. It's been cold the last few weeks some polar vortex thing going on. We bundled up and walked for a couple hours. We met in a small town between us and walked a path that I hadn't even known existed down by a river. It was about -15 with the windchill but somehow we were protected and the sun came out and we ended up taking off gloves, hats and unzipping coats a bit. It was gorgeous! It was an impromptu meet up with T as she is going through some major stuff. Divorce is being thrown around and she has so much drama going on that it makes my head spin.

Saturday Keith took me to an asian supermarket he delivers to and has wanted me to see. He needed some fresh fish for a dinner he was planning on making us for Sunday. We went as soon as he was done work as we wanted to be done shopping before it got busy. The store was pretty cool but he didn't find the fish he was looking for - he did manage to find something else that would work. After one more quick stop we grabbed lunch on the way home and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Sunday we did go out to our grocery store to grab the last of the ingredients needed for dinner - super early - then back home where we watched church and then I had my weekly zoom meeting with my mom and played banana grams. After I convinced myself to go for a walk and it was cold but nice. The park was at capacity with people going sledding and walking their dogs. I watched the sledding for a bit. It's been years since I've gone. Supper was a lovely japanese inspired dinner prepared by Keith for our valentines dinner. We had a bit of champagne to toast the evening. I think it's our first v day at home in years. Normally I book us a weekend away and we're travelling. We both miss travelling but our bank account doesn't! That evening we watched one of my all time favourite movies - Legal Eagles. Keith humoured me. After that we got in a lengthy discussion about movies and tv shows from our childhood.

Today was a big ol' day of NOTHING. I mean I was glued to the couch for many hours. It started with one you tube video and then next thing I know it's like 3 hours later. I then took about a 20 minute nap on the couch and finally was able to get myself up and going. I washed dishes, cleaned the bathroom and then washed the floors. I'm gonna call that a productive day!

Now I am getting ready for work tomorrow. My glasses came. They have a yellow tint which I am not loving. I'm not feeling confident they are going to work. I will try them out tomorrow and then if they don't I will throw in the towel and call my eye doctor to find the right ones.

For now I am going to enjoy the rest of my evening. Keith has gone to bed. I just finished the dishes and am now settled in front of the tv to watch some flix. I am currently watching Park and Rec I'm on season 3. I'm not going to lie I almost threw in the towel after the first couple episodes but then stuck to it and now I find myself laughing at these characters I've come to love. Damn tv shows.

Well at least it's a 4 days work week!

7:33 p.m. - 2021-02-15


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