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The hits keep coming

I am so tired. I know I say that a lot but last night was a real sleepless night. Yesterday evening I was having a good time online looking at camping sites as my brothers and their families hope to go camping all together again this year like we somehow pulled off last year. I was just wrapping up when I got a text from T.

Her mom tried to kill herself. She took quite a few pills after having many drinks and fighting with her partner. Luckily he was there and was able to call an ambulance and get her to the hospital right away. Many hours later T text me that her mom was stable and that she would be kept in the hospital until they could transfer her to another hospital with psych help.

I did not put my phone on do not disturb like I do every night in case T needed anything. She did text around 2:30 to say her mom was sleeping and she was heading home to get some rest. I did talk to T this afternoon and her mom is in bad shape. She doesn't regret what she did only that it didn't work which is heart breaking. There are many many layers to this and I won't go into them but I am praying and hoping she gets the help she needs and wants to go on living and be here for her daughter and grand daughter....and herself.

Poor T had just finally started her new job working nights at a group home as a caregiver and she has had to call in and say she can't work right now because of this. She was already beyond stressed.

I also found out that right before T found out she was comforting a friend who's boyfriend had went to the eye dr and found out he had a huge tumor in his head! She sent me the xray and omg it's huge! He had emergency brain surgery last night. I sometimes feel like I'm not living in the real world. Just one big crazy insane nightmare! I really want to wake up soon.

Needless to say my head was not into work today but I think I did a pretty good job and hopefully didn't mess up too much! My head was pounding by the end of the day but that was probably from lack of sleep and not from the glasses issue?

I bought yet another pair of computer glasses and they are just as bad! I feel I must be missing something. So I will make an appointment to go into my optometrist office and find the 'proper' glasses. Jeez I have coverage I don't know why I'm being so stubborn.

Speaking of coverage, Wednesday night I had to vote for whether I was willing to go on strike or not if things get bad enough with our negotiations. I of course voted yes. My employer is being horrible and quite unreasonable. Talk about not feeling supported during a world pandemic! Way to make your employees feel like they matter! Also way to want to reduce our health care benefits when we need them the most! Aholes.

I had to laugh because once we are 'back to work' in the offices the employer will allow 400 of us to work from home as a 'pilot project'. What the eff are we doing now? All 2400 of us??? They are so damn stupid.

Ok I am going to end this on a positive note. Tonight for dinner Keith made us a very tasty turkey dinner! Which you guessed it means LEFTOVERS tomorrow for dinner - my favourite! As I said to my brother and sil last night - it's the small things in life that you have to stop and appreciate.

(Oh yah my younger brother just hit the 60 pound mark - he LOST 60 pounds so far!) I am so proud of him and maybe a smidgen jealous. But I hear he is working his butt off literally for every single pound and it hasn't been easy. But super proud!

Ok time to go relax for reals. I plan on sleeping well tonight. I sure hope my brain agrees.

9:46 p.m. - 2021-02-26


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