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Well that last entry was a big one. I did speak to T's mom. She got released from the hospital a lot quicker than T expected - I can't lie our health system isn't the best and I've heard a lot of horror stories about mental health and the lack of help in our hc system I wasn't too shocked. I was shocked however when T's mom called me to ask if I could help her with our benefits - she was having a problem getting her prescribed pills. Turns out she was able to fix the problem but then I was like - wait - they prescribed pills to someone who tried to kill themselves with pills??

I didn't ask. Instead I sent her a text the next day saying she didn't have to explain anything to me and that I was here for her if she needed anything. Also if she wanted to email about anything serious or funny or whatever to go for it. I put it better and she did reply back and said it meant a lot.

T has been back to her normal self ignoring my texts. I know she's busy and stressed so I'm just lying low. If they need me they will reach out - it's all I can do.

I made my husband upset this weekend. We have been discussing turning the actual "office" which is now known as the storage room into an actual office for me. You know one year later and all. I figure I'm home til at least the Fall and then who knows? I may slip thru the cracks being the only employee on my team at my office (the other 15 are all together in another office). I then started waffling because even tho it's a pain working at the kitchen table it's also nice to have everything literally within arms reach. Make a coffee. Take a 15 minute tv break (at break time). Or make my breakfast or lunch while working away. If I move to the office.....well I will then have to walk the 7 steps AND out the door to the office. Yah I'm not too good at change. Well I guess all that talk had my husband convinced I didn't want to move into the office after all.

But I am also known to be stubborn and I have been known to push myself especially when I'm not comfortable. So I started in on the office. I was moving boxes and bringing the ones I could down to the basement. At first Keith was like well I guess we can't finish the basement! At which time I laid into him so he shut that down real quick. This basement hasn't brought us to divorce but if anything could I'm sure that would be it!

So yah I have started and I am making a huge mess and one that he can't ignore. He has to help or climb over totes and boxes. I could only bring the ones I could carry down to the basement, the rest he has to help me with. Yup not happy with me. BUT it did get us talking and he is now entertaining the idea of renting a storage pod for the driveway. This I can get behind. Number one because it will cost us money. Yes that is my number one reason. My husband has been known to be frugal or some may call cheap. If we rent one of these I know he will NOT let it sit in our driveway for a year just costing us money. It will literally force us to work on the basement. Which is also the reason I know it will delay us from getting one.

In a few minutes I am having a 'meeting' with my sils. We want to camp this August and the radio is blasting how everyone is going to camp this summer and all the SITES ARE GONE. It's so annoying. No one really likes camping that much it's just a sure thing when compared to going somewhere and staying in a hotel. So yes sites are getting booked left right and centre but we are not picking a popular week and we are not staying on any weekends. We also cannot book until March 9th because you can only book a site 5 months in advance. Sigh. So we are going to go online and look at a few different places and hopefully choose a few to (fingers crossed) book this week. We are ideally hoping to book 2 large sites for all of us.

Ok it's almost time for our meeting so I must go and start searching so I can have something to input!

7:35 p.m. - 2021-03-07


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