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Fake as my job!

Tonight we had a greasy delicious dinner. I 100% was emotional eating. Not only was it a draining tiring day with the time change - which I'm not gonna lie I had laughed at and thought how silly it was - of course I would sleep ok I was tired! Turns out I forgot my body hates Sunday's and adding an extra hour of missing sleep and it was a recipe for I should have skipped this day!

Then to add insult to injury my manager scheduled a meeting with me at the end of the day - I thought a normal meeting - not so a performance issue meeting. Damn. So I got to sit thru 45 minutes listening on how I can do better on phones. Make no mistake I already know I don't do well. I help people who call in - usually make them smile and laugh and send them off with a cheerful wave. BUT I do not BRAND the call. At the beginning AND the end. I LAUGH too much with people. There are a couple things I do that because they are nit picky assholes I am not doing "correctly". The girl who calibrated my call definitely had it out for me. Even my boss - was like "wow" she was in a mood that day. So basically I had a great call and solved the callers problem and left them satisfied but still "failed" because I have a hard time being fake. Well I guess I better slap on my pasties and start curling my hair and being fake as hell so I can get a passing "grade" for something that doesn't really matter! Keith asked what's the worse that can happen to me? When I thought about it I guess they could after "coaching" me put a permanent letter in my file about how horrible I am? You would think just taking me off phones would be an option but alas that is never an option at my work.

But I have decided instead of being hard headed and stubborn to my own detriment I will play the game. I will brand the effin calls even though it makes zero sense. I will not laugh and treat the caller like a human. Instead I will treat them like a number which is how my employer sees them. Sees me. I will say their f*cking phrases that gets me points. I've come this far - 21 years - I should be used to their inconsistencies. We're all about customer services! Bullshit we're all about stats.

Okay I am going to lay this topic to rest. It's not a win for anyone in my opinion. Wish me luck on being fake tomorrow!

I saw T yesterday. We had a walking date. She had a LOT of tea to spill. First off her mom is ok. She is living with her ex-partners elderly father while her ex-partner fixes their house up to sell. Then they will go their separate ways but remain friends. Here's hoping! As for T a bunch of money stuff and the house and separating was discussed. Then we walked by her soon to be new place. She is actually excited now and looking forward to her next chapter.

I finished my book. It was not the ending I was expecting or hoping but I could see why she did that. I then had to go read reviews and so many people hated the ending. Then I found out it was made into a movie a few years ago! Maybe next weekend I will watch it.

While I was out yesterday afternoon Keith moved ALL the heavy totes and then some downstairs. So now it's my turn to go thru the stuff that's left in the office - I'm hoping to shred a lot of documents and throw away a bunch of papers. I will probably get to that Thursday or so. A project for the weekend. My goal is to move into my office the week of Easter during my vacation.

What else? I don't know my head is fuzzy. I'm definitely going to bed early tonight.

Side Rant - my neighbours are driving me ape shit. They park in front of our house - tear up my lawn getting in and out of their vehicle. In the span of a couple hours they leave about 5x coming and going and their van is now super loud and damn annoying.

I may still be pissy from my work day if you couldn't tell? I think I will take my grease filled belly, leave the dishes on the counter, shut down the house for the night and climb into bed. My head is pounding and I need to rest up for tomorrow - I have a feeling being fake is hard work. Although maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and find's actually not?

Did I mention we may be going on strike as of April 1st. No foolin'.

7:12 p.m. - 2021-03-15


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