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Spring is finally here! It arrived with beautiful weather. I took a long walk today and my legs are not thanking me for it. But my body and I are at odds right now anyway. I have got to stop baking cookies. Even though I just perfected a great recipe I found online. I call them cloud cookies. They are made with greek yogurt. They are chocolate. They are divine! So puffy and airy but still substantial. BUT making cookies every week is the opposite of helpful when trying to lose weight. Maybe if I kept it to one cookie a day but that's not happening. Sorry cookies you got to go.

I finally got my motivation back to work out and exercise. I knew the nicer weather would bring it. Just sucks that I had to go through so many months of feeling crappy. I know everyone was feeling crappy to some extent so I'm trying not to be so hard on myself. You either thrived (I'm looking at you Ms Skinny Neighbour) or you hibernated and made cookies to help you get through this living nightmare. Ahem.

I spent yesterday staring at the clutter in our 'office'. I moved a few things around but mostly I just felt overwhelmed. We did find one of the tables that we bought at Ikea years ago and put the legs on it so that was good. We have 2 tables and Keith thinks putting the other one up is a good idea - like an L desk. I ideally would like that as I write a lot while working so I can write and type/mouse at the same time. I'm just not sure room wise if that will work - plus and here's an interesting thing we can't find the second table! We found the legs for it but not the top! So yah we will see.

I did give away a dresser to T that was in the office. Well it's still here until May 1 but I still consider that a win. I should have worked in the office today but I didn't. Church was from 11 - 12 then out for a quick shop and lunch, then it was zooming time with my mom til 3. Then out for an hour walk at 4pm. Then dinner. Now it's time to do the dishes and clean and not make noise since Keith has gone to bed. Silent time. I at least wanted to grab some of the paper work from the office to start sorting but alas that didn't happen. Although if I am smart I will move a few heavy things tomorrow morning BEFORE work because I have a massage half way through the day. We'll see if tomorrow me listens.

I'm in the middle of making plans to see my family in April for Good Friday! My brother's church is holding an out door service and we are planning to attend. My parents can't make the service as my dad has dialysis that morning but they are hoping to make it for a social distanced lunch outside with our immediate family. There is also a Sunday Easter service but that begins at 8am so getting there would be uhhhhh tiring? Friday at 10:30 is way easier. This is also the start of my vacation so I am pretty excited about that. Hopefully I will be moving my work stuff into the finished office! Fingers crossed.

Oh and just before work ended on Friday we got an email - our union has reached a tentative agreement with the employer. So no strike! Or as my co-worker pointed out "tentatively no strike". Way to go negative nancy! We find out the details of the proposed contract next week in a meeting.

I'm toying with the idea of getting my hair cut next week. I figure I will call and if they are open and have an appointment I will make it. Remember I go to a school so who knows if they will be open?

Okay enough procrastinating. Time to shut down the electronics - I mean AFTER I catch up on my dlanders - then clean the dumb kitchen and start getting ready for work tomorrow. I am the worst on Sunday's. Trying to go to sleep at a decent time is almost impossible.

7:17 p.m. - 2021-03-21


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