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Weekend vibes

Do you know what the problem with shopping is? Most would think money and yah that's an issue but MY unique issue is I usually see an item in the store - not in my size - then tend to obsess over it. Yah I did that today. I finally went on the website - found it - ordered it and just as I was about to click ACCEPT I noticed the small print - all prices in US funds. What the eff? No Cdn website for this store either. Disappointing. Goodbye cute purple tie dye hoodie - I will try and stop thinking about you.

I took the afternoon off work. I got my hair cut and I LOVE it. I always feel better with my hair in a 'long bob' just above my shoulders. It swings and is sassy and I feel good. The girl today was a couple days away from graduating so she was fast and efficient and good. My $20 haircut was $40 because I gave her a $20 tip. She made me feel so good so I hopefully made her feel good.

Speaking of feeling good, I had my specialist appointment. She was like "your numbers have gone up" and I was like "yup". I was like to be honest I have not exercised all winter and I have been baking AND eating all that baking for many months. Then she said well I guess the medication is working because your numbers are only slightly higher. But then she got real and said ok now the weather is nicer get outside and exercise and eat better. I agreed. So it goes.

We had a beautiful week which was nice. Did some after work driveway drinking with the neighbours and even went for a walk with my neighbour one evening. I like to walk on my own but she asked so I said yes. It won't be a regular thing as she is looking into a running program and is right now resting her bum leg.

She asked me and my other neighbour to go to a store this weekend. My other neighbour said no she couldn't make it, I was like 'meh' sure. Then she's like yah my husband will want to go too how about Keith? I'm like um no not for what you described (but nicer). Then she's like the 3 of us can go. And then I bowed out. I like her hubby but I would rather work on what I'm calling my 'Office Project" this weekend. The weather is going to be crap - cold and rainy - so I won't be tempted to avoid work and go play outside. Plus it's the last real weekend to work on it. I'm feeling good about it. I think it's doable. I want to just be able to unplug my work crap on Thursday next week and just move it into the office. Then not think about it until April 11! I want to spend my week off RELAXING and not thinking about work. My neighbour was bummed I didn't want to be the 3rd wheel but I think she is ok with it.

I just have to get thru next week - 4 days - I can do this! Monday is our chiro appointment which means our semi date night. Friday I should be seeing my family but I don't want to think or talk about it too much cause I am afraid of jinxing it!

Ok time to go and do a bit of online window shopping - and not for the hoodie - lol. I swear!

7:52 p.m. - 2021-03-26


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