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Another lockdown

Nothing is ever easy. I should know this by now. Wednesday night there was a murmur that the gov't was going to be ordering another lockdown. Just in time for Easter weekend. I can't say I disagree as it was going to be a beautiful weekend weather wise. Sure enough Thursday afternoon we watched the update and as of Saturday it was back to lockdown and stricter guidelines. Our trip to see my fam got moved from Sunday to Friday. My sister in laws were worried about us sitting outside afterwards in the church parking lot. The new guidelines are messy and hard to decipher. If we were at a house it is no more than 5 people outside. But technically we are on church property so it would be allowed to be more. Technically. And that's what everyone got hung up on. So we moved it to Friday and suddenly my relaxed time line for the weekend got thrown out the window. I had catch up b-day gifts to suddenly sort out and easter treats to be bought asap.

Friday morning Keith and I left the house a little after 8am and had a very decent drive. We got to the church at a good time as within minutes the parking lot filled up! It was 4 different churches doing the outdoor service. Everyone stayed in their cars - it helps it was chilly. It was a good service only a couple glitches and once everyone left my family and I made a semi circle with our vehicles and grabbed some chairs from inside the church and sat outside in the chilly afternoon sunshine and ate subs that we had ordered and laughed and joked around. At times I looked around and wanted to cry. All the many many times we have got together over the years were taken for granted.

We did have a moment where a cop drove into the parking lot - sat for a few minutes - then came over and told us he had a call about a large gathering. He was talking about the service - my brother - the minister - discussed the guidelines and how he followed them. The cop was fine with that. Just making sure the packed parking lot of people weren't all in the building.

After lunch we all said goodbye - a few hugs were snuck (with masks on) and we made our way back home. This time the highway was PACKED. Everything was closed where were people going?? There were also a lot of accidents - but surprisingly it didn't really hold us up.

Saturday. It was an overcast chilly day with a bit of rain. We went out around 4pm to grab some groceries for the next couple days. I worked on the office a few hours - hanging shelves (that sucks) and hanging my huge painting (Keith had to do that).

Sunday - today - I finally got my computer crap moved into the office!! Not without a few tears and a bit of angry words. My husband has never been a positive person but over the years he has actually been turning negative. I can't live like that. And basically that's what I told him. Do I feel better? Yes. Are things better? Not yet.

I'm trying to keep perspective and realize that this has been a crap year and nothing is normal. Life is making us more stressed than ever. The constant lockdowns while needed are draining. But I was getting that office done this weekend come hell or high water. Sometimes he forgets how stubborn his wife is. I think he is also upset with himself as he is going for a blood test for his diabetes and he knows his numbers are not as good as they were. He has gained back some of his weight but really not that much but he may have to go on metformin at least. I know this is weighing on him.

Speaking of stress. T has shingles. 39 and shingles. She is a person that pushes her stress down rather than deal. Also I just found out her mom moved in with her today. I sense more stress will be happening.

Originally I had told T I am off this week so we could hang out, go for walks etc but now not sure what is gonna happen. I will leave it with her.

I went for a walk around 4 today - turning down driveway drinks with my neighbour - because I really needed that walk! I can't believe it's been a year since I've been home. Things felt so crazy - we were all on high alert. Rumors were flying. No one knew how long this would last and we were living day to day. Now, a year later, we still don't know much but we know that there is hope in the vaccine. We still don't know how the future will look once all is vaccinated. Back to the office? Work from home? And don't even mention travelling and vacations. This is why I had to go for a walk and not stay home and drink. I am feeling pretty emotional this weekend. Seeing my family and laughing with them gives me hope but also makes me sad for what I am missing. My nephews wanted to hug us so bad and the feeling was mutual.

Ok. Before I drag myself down too far I am going to stop. I have a headache. I want to do more but I am too tired. My next step is putting the kitchen back to normal after having it as a workstation for more than a year. Then I want to start sorting through all my clothes - I have a LOT. I really have to start weeding out ones I will 'probably wear someday'. It doesn't help that working from home the variety is nil. Same 3 pair of jeans and a dozen t-shirts over and over. But I can't get rid of too many work clothes....not yet anyway!

7:43 p.m. - 2021-04-04


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