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Vacations are my jam!

I don't know why I am afraid to say that I had a really good vacation week. I really enjoyed myself. Did I go away? No. Did I see people? Again no. Did I relax? Yes. Did I set up my new office? Yes! Did I get everything I wanted to get done done? No. And that's okay.

It was a bit of a tough week news wise. First we went into lockdown as per my last entry then a few days later we were given a 'stay at home' order. Necessary trips only. And this time big box stores were affected. They could stay open but they could only sell essential items this time. People could buy all the other stuff but only if you ordered online/called and had it delivered or do a curb side pick up. Small businesses were very happy to hear this.

I had got my errands out of the way by the time this news came down the line. I had dropped off a bunch of donations and e-waste. I had shopped a few for a few things I had been looking for. It was really good timing.

I tried to just enjoy my week. If I exercised I exercised. If I ate chocolate so what. I think I went for a walk every morning and even had company. One of my neighbours an older lady asked if she could come with me and I said sure. As you know I like my solo time but since I wasn't walking to 'clear my head' or 'de-stress' I didn't mind. It was nice having company. I didn't walk as far or fast as I normally would but she was good company and we had nice chats.

Yesterday my other neighbour asked Keith and I to have an outdoor lunch ordering from a local restaurant. We went over around 1:30 and spent the whole day outside with them. Keith called it a night around 9pm and I made it to 11pm. We had a fire which I believe she is going to try and do as much as she can as they are getting rid of their fire pit as they need to make room for their hot tub.

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to. I had hoped to go thru my clothes but that just didn't happen. I would start and then just stop. I did put a bunch of work clothes away because if I do go back to work the earliest would be Fall from what I understand.

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful week weather wise. We had extremely warm temperatures for a few days of the week - essentially when we had the stay at home orders the weather heated up which was great timing. Today we had rain which I had hoped for to help me stay inside and get things done. I didn't get the floors washed but I got quite a bit cleaned after Keith went to bed. We were disappointed as we were going to order dinner from a restaurant down the road but found out it changed it hours and had closed early. I ended up running out and grabbing us a fast food meal which we were both disappointed with because we had been looking forward to the other meal so much. Ah well. Another day.

I just really hope I can get to sleep tonight before midnight. I'm not holding my breath. My body adjusted to it's preferred state bed around midnight and up around 8:30ish. It's gonna be in for a shock when that alarm goes off tomorrow morning!

8:37 p.m. - 2021-04-11


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