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Oh look more fireworks just started!

I can't believe May is almost over. Almost everyone I talk with agrees that even though we are in a Pandemic with pretty much nothing to do time goes surprisingly fast! Scarily fast.

This past weekend was a long one for us Cdns. Friday night I spent the evening with T and watched her get blitzed. I love that she doesn't even realize I'm not "drinking" the whole time I'm with her. At the end of the night she will say something like I can sleep over if I don't or can't drive - um I'm sober. 100%. Ha. But to be fair she did get blitzed. But it was a late night. I didn't get home til 1:30. Keith was up - not waiting for me - he had awoken and noticed I hadn't come home yet and I just happened to arrive. We chatted then both went to sleep - him having to get up an hour or so later for work.

Saturday we did some light yard work then went out and bought some flowers for me to kill. Ha - I'll try my best not to. That evening we sat outside with our neighbours and watched the first of many nights of fireworks. We called it a night around 10 which was nice.

Sunday - Keith's b-day - it was hot and humid but we went for a lovely walk in some shady woods. We had a not so great b-day din of kfc. It's been forever since we had any so we ordered and I picked it up. The chicken was super dark and it was like they had cooked it twice. Second time for quickness. It wasn't horrible but we also won't be ordering it again any time soon. That evening we went to a neighbours and had a fire and watched a LOT of fireworks. Thankfully another early night as we headed home by 11.

Monday we did a bit more yard work - trimming the tree in our back yard. We thought the raccoon on our roof might be using it to get to the roof but we think he uses the fence. No idea why he'd want to be on our roof? Raccoons are weird. Keith checked out our roof and thankfully all seems to be ok. My dad told me horror stories about animals digging their way in.

After Keith went in from the trimming I stayed out and scrubbed a chair that I have neglected for the last couple years (and have owned for more than 20!). It's a lounger. My arms are still sore today. But I got it clean! I made an area on my back deck to lounge and read. I love my neighbour but sometimes I really do just want to read and be left alone.

That was my weekend in a snapshot. There was a sad aspect to it though. My aunt passed away. My mom's sister. She was in her late 80s I believe. Not in the best health but she had a heart attack - went into surgery but it wasn't enough. Her husband had passed away just 4 months ago - he was in his 90s. I'm sad at her passing and even more sad for my mom. But on a personal level I never really knew her that well. My mom is doing ok but she is quite upset. It was her last remaining sibling.

One last bit of news Keith is going for his first vaccination this Thursday and then a week later I'll be going for mine! Things are moving in the right direction!

9:30 p.m. - 2021-05-25


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