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It's a Greek thing

I just quickly scanned my last entry so I don't repeat myself and had to laugh because I had a Greek dinner that night and just hours ago I finished another Greek dinner - this time with tzatziki! My husband does the cooking and when he finds a meal he likes - that we both like - he will sometimes make it often. I'm not complaining....yet.

So I got my first vaccination today! I for some reason was nervous. Maybe cause everyone kept saying, "It's just like getting the flu shot". Except, you know, I never got the flu shot. But it all went well and the place was run like clock work. I'll see if there's any pain etc tomorrow but for now all is fine.

My work gives us up to 3 hours off and I was like dangit I'm taking all 3 hours. So I essentially ended my work day at noon which was cool. Wonder what my new manager will have to say about it tomorrow? I have my first one on one with her.

My old manager retired on Monday. She called and we had a little chat and wished each other well. I had my issues with her but she was a good manager in that she didn't micro manage and I learned later she actually was a rebel and didn't push stuff down our throats like she was supposed to. Unfortunately I think our new manager is a first time ever manager and wants to do everything by the book. So we'll see how high the annoyance level with her will be. I want to keep an open mind tho. Give her a chance.

Besides that not much is happening. This weekend is supposed to be hella hot and I am doing my darndest not to feel sad about not being at the beach with T. I have decided that she, her mom and her little girl need this weekend to heal and be a family.

Taking an abrupt turn last night I was chatting with my parents and my dad brought up when I was bitten by a dog during my paper route and I honestly can't remember it! I sort of remember.....the story? I was probably 13 or 14. But no memory. I really wish I had more memories of my childhood. I wonder sometimes why I don't? I wasn't badly bitten but my dad said he went and talked to the people and they were like well maybe next time she shouldn't deliver the paper to the back yard (which was fenced) and they all knew it was a lie as I only delivered papers to the mailbox or front step. They were covering their asses.

Ok I am going to go and chillax with some flix. I'm watching Emily in Paris which is keeping me entertained in the evenings. I'm on the last season of Arrested Development but it's hard to get thru cause it is so bad. The first 3 seasons were awesome but the re-boot last 2 are....not.

One more day to go then the weekend!

8:23 p.m. - 2021-06-03


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