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Make it rain but not the weather way

Did I win the lotto? No. Did I shop tonight like I won the lotto? Again No. But. I did shop A Lot. For me.

I just really was feeling the vibe. I tried to spend wisely but there were a few non essential purchases that made it into my bags. Plus uh a box of krispy kreme donuts. Now! Before you judge let me just say I haven't had krispy kreme in probably 5 years or more! I believe there is KK about an hour away? But they were selling them as a fundraiser at Wmart and I was like screw it - I'm getting a box! And I a may have already had one. Yum!

I somehow came away with 4 bathing suit tops. 2 that I tried on that were expensive and 2 that I need to try but can return if they don't fit. I ask a lot of my bathing suit tops - they got a lot to hold in and up. One of the expensive ones look like a regular top! Little ruffles on the shoulders but I was assured it was a swim suit top - ha. Also a clearance top of mickey mouse made it in my bag. It made me remember a sweater I had when I was young of the mouse - I love when clothes bring back memories. A lot of my purchases were clearance related because that's how I roll.

I have a 3 day weekend. It's supposed to rain all weekend which doesn't bother me as I have no plans however I do wish it would delay itself for a few days for my parents. They are watching my nephews this weekend at their trailer and those boys cannot be trapped inside a small camper for hours on end. I pray for my parents sanity!

Next week is a 3 day work week so I am psyched for that! Then a 4 day weekend! A full week of work THEN a whole week off! I got stuff planned but I'll save that nugget for another entry. Plans are still being formed. But this....planning for the future makes me so happy.

What else? I'm trying to keep up with the exercise - and walking in the mornings before work. I love love love listening to a scrubs podcast. I even started re watching the episodes in time with the their discussions. They are so funny and entertaining my walk goes by so quickly. I feel like I could keep walking (if I had the time!). Speaking of which I should probably wrap this up so I can catch up with my faves and then head to bed. Gotta walk tomorrow morning (here's hoping it's not raining!)

9:53 p.m. - 2021-06-24


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