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Excited just a little

Almost 9:30 and I am awkwardly checking my phone compulsively. My neighbour invited me over for a fire tonight, at what point do I just assume it's not happening? I'm not one to wander over unless given a time. Awkward. Ah well I'm tired anyway.

It's Canada Day. A lot is going on in Canada right now so celebrating isn't happening in the usual way right now - not like it was going to anyway with the big Covid still hanging over us. My region is one of 2 in Ontario that was held back when things opened up further this week. Still no haircuts for us!

Ah yes, I meant to mention that I keep checking my phone because it has decided it doesn't like alerting me to any notifications - well not consistently. So yesterday we ordered a new phone for me. Mine has been having some issues for a while now so it's time. It's a cheap phone - relatively - we ordered for me since my work no longer offers a free phone - stupid work. My new phone should arrive the end of July. I hope it's better than the one Keith got a couple months ago.

(the fireworks just started....I will be hearing them until probably 1am - not even exaggerating)

Keith and I went out today for a walk and then picked up ribs for lunch. Our Canada Day tradition.

My phone just dinged 9:45. How late do my neighbours stay up? I sound so old lol. My neighbour just told me I'm missing the fire works. Uh I guess they did get together for a fire after all. Ah well don't text me to come over then miss my stunning company! Ha.

Tomorrow I go for my 2nd vaccine! With Keith. Pretty excited.

Also I don't work tomorrow - 4 day weekend! Again pretty excited.

Next weekend I am supposed to go camping with T and her daughter. I've decided not to get super hyped about it until like 2 days before because as you know with T nothing is set in stone. Although I will be setting up my tent this weekend to make sure it's still good and that I can put it up by myself. Yah I'm excited I can't help it.

Alright gonna wrap this up and get ready for bed. I may not be working tomorrow but I have planz! Dropping off donations, grocery shopping and picking up a $1000 chq from a co-worker. To reimburse me for the gift cards I bought for our staff association. My credit card would be happy to accept that money! G'night!

9:20 p.m. - 2021-07-01


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